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Shanghai Dragon Master is tenable only by theory


Shanghai dragon say on theory untenable, because Shanghai dragon is a continuous process of development and change, because the search engines are undergoing new changes in every moment, if you only stay in the theoretical stage, then you will soon be thrown away from the track of network marketing.

, a lot of Shanghai dragon master is the opposite, they talk about Shanghai dragon theory but they don’t know how to speak, just tell you that Shanghai dragon more is more practice and summary, took more than a few stations slowly study, adhere to the basic work of Shanghai dragon well every day, constantly, slowly change website ranking Shanghai Longfeng index, then all you will understand.

Qingdao Shanghai dragon’s first contact with Shanghai dragon then do not know what is the Shanghai dragon, no teacher to guide me. At that time I also do not have their own website, the first time is extended by some NetEase, Sina blog and some local forum post, I have found that some posts can row in Shanghai love home, but a son fell in love with the sea search, some posts can be ranked first, some can post the tenth row, the let me have to study these posts ranking of interest, so I often post, always observe the ranking of the post, through long time observation and summary, gradually mastered post ranking doorways, then slowly knew the real me is the study of the "Shanghai dragon". Know what is the Shanghai dragon, I slowly go to study Shanghai dragon, a lot of theoretical things finished sometimes just don’t understand the meaning, have also seen many webmaster write Shanghai Longfeng experience or experience, found that everyone views on a point of Datong small differences, from different perspectives, such that I have doubts, which was a webmaster to speak more? Then, look at others’ theories I might never find the true direction of their own, I began to study their own station, Shanghai dragon. The long-term practice, Shanghai dragon found many others cannot tell us or cannot tell us the answer only by practice, some unknown fields will be quietly in front of us.

Shanghai, compared to other work, is a more practical, more attention to the results of the work, you said Shanghai dragon again good, so why don’t you come up with a powerful and persuasive website ranked first.

there is a part of the so-called "Shanghai Dragon Master", every day with the students speak Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon everyday claims how high, not what Shanghai Dragon technology so he can, but you really want to let him come up with a few real ability to obtain a ranking of the website is not a part of this, the master can say every day to live in Shanghai dragon in the theory that teaches students still repeat the beaten track, focusing on the Shanghai dragon theory ignoring Shanghai Longfeng practice. The theory and practice of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon which is the most important? I believe most people know what is more important, nature is the practice of the first

Shanghai dragon, the practice is far greater than the theory, but as.

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