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The difference between the nobility and other search engine optimization

4, as Chinese nobility baby search engine and love Shanghai had little difference, but after the exit Chinese market, more is to English keywords keywords, directly affect the "matching of keywords generated content after processing this noble baby in English environment, and other natural segmentation algorithm the search engine makes the difference, we all know that Chinese translated into English keywords is different, so the user search habits will also change.

noble baby optimization compared to other search engines, mainly has the following obvious difference:

although the nobility baby occupied in the Chinese market share has gradually narrowed, but it is still a part of the needs of the market, as long as the optimization can bring benefits to enterprises, it has the value of research, because of its particularity, difference between the webmaster must distinguish between the good and the other search engines.

website common cheating is not the noble baby piercing eye, Spam detection algorithm has a more mature, a garbage information, whether the keywords stack or garbage outside the chain, can be identified quickly, and make the corresponding punishment measures on site. But other search engines can not yet truly careful investigation, hidden cheating can escape, but I believe these search engines are doing this algorithm.

Segmentation algorithm of

1, noble baby algorithm compared to other search engines to get close, fell in love with the sea to do comparison, although the love Shanghai algorithm in according to the actual problems of continuous adjustment, the chain is one of the main methods of optimization, but love Shanghai only to take the chain number and quality analysis for the platform. The degree of the chain for the website keywords and not enough attention, especially in terms of relevance and noble baby technology more in-depth analysis, in addition to link keywords and the website, there are links with the chain platform also makes analysis on the correlation.

no matter what kind of search engine optimization, do primary task is to improve the friendly, of course, the premise is to understand its characteristics, you can grasp the direction of optimization do better site planning, achieve the purpose of optimization. As everyone knows, the noble baby is the world’s largest search engine, although Chinese withdrew from the market, but the domestic enterprises also occupies the important position, therefore, many foreign market oriented enterprise website or the importance of noble baby optimization.

of the Guangzhou site construction "

2, known as the Shanghai love search engine for the new station will have to take care of, as long as the content is not too bad, will give the opportunity to show the new station, just obey the rules in doing the work, the optimization is not a difficult thing. But the optimization to new nobility baby is more strict, in order to avoid piling up later landfill site, the new control requirements must be in place, only when the new station reaches a certain conditions, in order to participate in the competition ranking.

3, according to

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