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The webmaster should do to meet the three love Shanghai algorithm change

two, do website content, the original

content is king, is always the essence of Shanghai dragon. Webmaster friends should always do the content, website content should be based on the original content, especially for some low weight of new sites, should start from the content method; I think the original content is the search engines love, even if the quality is not very high, but the search engine is still very face, included rate is very high. Many web site map, do not have Sitelinks, no website structure is very good, but the ranking is still very good, because good content exists. If a website has a lot of the original article, "



love Shanghai algorithm changes, we can easily find, only love Shanghai insiders know the rules. Therefore, webmaster friends don’t because of the keyword ranking have relatively large fluctuations, and worry about their website snapshot update slow whether and what not do? A lot of friends will have the kind of mind, think oneself is some of the methods may be a problem, which leads to the decline of keywords, so free to modify some keywords to density; take some Links, this approach is completely wrong, not impulsive webmaster friends changed on a whim, should wait, even if it is not included in the web page or drop a lot, also should slowly observe a period of time to make a decision.


love Shanghai is an elusive thing, sometimes a little attention to key words ranking drops, sometimes feel oneself do well, always others in the row behind the words. I believe many people have participated in the webmaster friends business game, deep ups and downs and volatility ranking feeling, in addition to some friends did not participate in the game, perhaps for those sites conducted a careful analysis, from the content of the website structure to the reverse link, website snapshot and so on, many webmaster friends are some PR4, PR5’s old website business circle game, but some new beat, starting from the article and the chain quality, not be worse than the opponent, but the ranking is not better than the other, with also deeply feel the love of Shanghai, sometimes people really understand the doings

, wait, halt the troops and wait


recently love Shanghai algorithm has obvious changes, and believe that many webmaster have the feeling of keyword rankings and snapshots, recently they have several web sites keywords ranking abnormal fluctuations, yesterday a few keywords ranking home page top, today went to the second place, the afternoon check has a different ranking from the comparison of some low weight; in addition the website can be seen with the new snapshot slow, some sites even half a month did not update, from keyword ranking abnormal can see that this is an unusual change algorithm. From this love Shanghai algorithm changes, webmaster friends should be how to deal with

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