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You still have free nternet economy forward

these days is deep in the A5 and the owners of the House voted for the original article, although it is a pediatrician for a lot of god. However, all this is I spent half an hour, or even one hour finishing out. Into the high weight of the platform, one is to promote the site, and also increase the chain high weight. However, I see his submission to the A5 and the owners of the house site articles on many sites can be seen, even from A5 and home owners gathered in the past, even more exasperating is that the copyright is removed, and even changed his name, said to be the original content. I just want to say one thing today, free Internet economy has come to an end, do not do things in forwarding and acquisition. Why do you say, can see from some of the

but not too long, this person in charge of looking for me, say we edit website content acquisition of others, asked us to delete the contents. Then, I look at the site and their own website, found almost the same content. I can only apologize to each other, that such things will not happen. And in the site collection of others above plus other copyright. In fact, this thing is to say, the Internet economy is always free acquisition for others to use someone else’s article, and without copyright, if you’re forwarding.

1, search engine and improvement



actually, I write this article and not for whom, just want to say their feelings for submission and a true story in some websites. Before a period of time, because the small busy do not want to add their own things to think from another website, website collected, compared all know collected from others on the site of the article, we find some website ranking, and can provide high quality articles. To your site, if you update the article, then you can find the first time collected, then remove the copyright of others, for their own things, let the search engine spiders crawl to the first time, then, very likely the search engine will think this is your original article, if a long time in the past, and the original site the quality of the article. The search engine will increase the website popularity, website weight and ranking will slowly increase.

love Shanghai each big adjustment and K reasons, is to crack down on some of the rubbish site or collection sites, many sites have experienced such a thing. Some sites do not generate content, is entirely from the Internet is collected, and do not make any adjustments, do not consider the user experience, know blindly from the Internet economy in this free acquisition to your web pages, and then generated static. Now many sites as well, yesterday I contribute in A5 content, will be forwarded to various websites. Some forwarding forum, peer sites and other sites had been forwarded four pages, and few with a small series of copyright Zhengzhou website design. In fact, not.

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