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The new owners in the optimization way of taboo

believe that every webmaster will have their own set of optimization scheme, especially the new owners who are learning optimization technology of predecessors, embarked on the road of optimization. But things have a limit. There is a philosophical principle of moderation, more than this is bound to bring changes in some things. Shanghai dragon master can be optimized to make their sites have a good ranking, it is because they are a good grasp of the optimal scale, many new Adsense optimization method in understanding, began crazy optimization, resulting in the site is down right or be K tragedy. Then we are in the process of Web site optimization how to prevent excessive

many people depressed their optimization tired to death is not what others do not rank well, here to take into account their optimization is not excessive. When we exceed that of the line will be as good as those in the line under the webmaster achievement. So, we can’t help to optimize the inverted busy oh.


three, other taboo

link is increased weight weight and powerful website search engine ranking. In the chain do not in a short time a sharp increase in the chain too much, there are many webmaster love with the anchor text chain which is very good, but they do the anchor text of the chain are the same, this is the link to optimize the performance of the excessive. In the website optimization within the chain, the home page keyword plus links to web page weight increase, but if the article appeared in a number of key words every word does not need to add links, plus the first can, within the chain over the optimization is excessive, and the lack of change in the chain is caused by excessive performance optimization.

The The


, a tabu search keyword optimization over

This version of

optimize the structure of our site is also very important, the structure optimization is done, will be search engine friendly and improve the user experience. The structure of directory website established in 2 to 3 can not be too much or a single page, the appropriate production site map. Space optimization, conducive to the website optimization work process, the host space emphasize two points, independent IP and host performance (direct speaking web page open speed), so we both in the choice of measure. This ixwebhosting is good, and it’s Chinese station is twenty percent off discount the secret link.

two, taboo link optimization over

keyword is the core of the website, the optimization of key words is of course. Keywords appear keywords to stack for many webmaster website, we should prevent the keywords in the title, is bound to cause the bad consequences of the words of one big string in the website, often appear a can. In the article title and Keywords tag over the same stack can also cause excessive optimization. Many webmaster love the keyword stack at the bottom of the page that is conducive to the search engines, now with the improvement of search engine algorithm it unwise.

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