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Website optimization webmaster over just wrong

as a warning for the future, we may wish to think calmly, the webmaster is go to this point today, aren’t all the mistakes are the webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er he kind of consequences?

I think all the website optimization, network marketing people are aware of the fact that the network marketing industry, especially the website optimization, Shanghai dragon is a social industry, that is to say the occupation industry is no standard to follow any of the relevant countries and areas in the field of education policy. Take the website optimization, marketing is based on the search field in the major search engines such as Google and love Shanghai, a snapshot of the information ranking algorithm to match their website resources, so as to achieve the final front site ranking in search results. According to the search engine ranking factors, from the macro perspective is nothing more than two directions of website content resources and station resources. However, in the process of the two kinds of resources in some excessive or speculative behavior, the industry called the optimization excessive or excessive optimization, then we search from within the field of these large search tools to analyze, the so-called "excessive" is not only the stationmaster’s fault.

2012 for search optimization marketing is doomed not quiet years, from the beginning to adjust their Google search ranking model, then occupy the domestic dominating search love Shanghai one after another to change their information search ranking rules, from 6.22–8.25, then another wave of the earthquake, numerous website is depilated or right down Shanghai love, make snap to adjust some of the site, at the same time that tens of thousands of sites since the traffic to eat the webmaster, lost the only straw.

We focus on the release of

to the external adjustment after the recent love Shanghai official explanation about the management explanation of love in Shanghai are just appearing after each adjustment of the so-called love, tell the reasons for the recent adjustment of Shanghai where the existence and dispose of the website, through the comprehensive recently adjusted the official explanation, for those who rely on the acquisition, reprint, pseudo original, or hyperlink to influence the ranking sites were processed. True love like Shanghai treatment is conducive to the purification of the network, advocate the value concept of communication. But the author of a web site in 09 years because communication requires deliberately reproduced part of the valuable network news release, this note is reproduced for the purpose of their own marketing, and obtain the optimization effect of Never mind. This site is also love Shanghai cleaned up. To be honest, from the rise of Shanghai dragon industry, as the influential Shanghai love >

is now too many webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er heart very tangled, very tangled! Worry about site accidentally stepped on a landmine optimization excessive, light is the website ranking drop, while sites love Shanghai completely pull hair, all efforts wasted. We are thinking, anxious, site optimization excessive boundaries where? The stationmaster stepped on the red line optimization over really just their own wrong?

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