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Wang Yang the content of the website optimization hospital page

> to attractHow to improve the

1, keyword density


The total number of words is divided by

3, click

title is very important, especially for the love of Shanghai can not get a good ranking Title accounted for a large factor in the headline of time should pay attention to the following points:

The content of

we must understand the word limit in the search results list page title, love Shanghai displays up to 30 characters Chinese, noble baby probably can display 32 Chinese characters, more than part can not be displayed, will use the ellipsis instead. Since this cannot make it more friendly to patients, are unable to display the full title imagine, how can attract patients click? So write the title must be concise, not more than 30 words.


show that the keyword appears in the title position has great impact on the ranking position is in the front rank is usually better, because have a great relationship and the search engine spider crawling habit, the spider crawling habit is from left to right, from top to bottom. The author suggests that when possible, as far as possible in front keywords.

, the 1 words in the title

keywords bring traffic, most of the friends will say to improve the keywords ranking. Yes, this is indeed a good method, but this method is time-consuming, the author to share a little trick here, don’t waste time can improve the flow. We stand in the patient’s perspective, such as patient search, "return" treatment of prostatitis result is the method of treatment, then how to attract the attention of the patients is the key, if the title like "method, treatment of prostatitis without surgery, cured for 7 days, bid farewell to the pain", which will let the patient must click to see, we have reached our goal.

hospital website optimization has been a lot of friends concerned about the topic, especially the content of the website page, because most of the long tail keywords are on the content page ranking, I believe we all know the benefits of long tail keywords, so how to make the long tail keywords to get a good ranking, in addition to the weight of the site itself, the optimization of the content page is also very important, must have friends will ask, how to optimize the content page, what skills? This is the focus of this article, the author will detail according to several aspects.

According to some previous experience in the Keywords

density words appear page can see, the first search engine in accordance with the keyword density ranking, many Shanghai dragon by the method of cheating, not long after the search engine was soon to change the algorithm, the algorithm for much more than the density of key words, so everyone in writing the article do not deliberately to increase keyword density, we must pay attention to the user experience, as long as the optimization is made of natural writing.

2, on

, the title of the articleThe

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