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The secret of the PV page in the station optimization

. Analysis of the types of pages is to let you go to screen out unimportant or can not be used to do the long tail keywords of the page, the weight does not let these pages allotment site. For example, the registration page, shopping cart page, page order query, the PV value of the page will be very high, if not be shielding will be divided out too much weight.

In addition

analysis of this data is best done repeatedly, and then adjust the page, it will be more accurate.

page of the PV value of

can help love Shanghai statistics or nobility baby Analytics to follow the site each page of the PV value, and then find out the top 20 or 30 (depending on the number you used to do the long tail word page PV page). Then the other values to these pages are analyzed, these values include: page out rate, conversion rate, page page type, page title and content.

site optimization is the core technology of Shanghai dragon, and core work station optimization is a reasonable allocation of the weight of the page. So how to love Shanghai web page for the weight assignment? We know that love Shanghai is the value of the user experience, while the active page is the page to reflect the user experience, so if you want to control the love of Shanghai for the allocation of page weight is the most important work is to control the activity of the page.

The How to control the

analysis of the page out rate and the conversion rate of this work is the core data analysis, by understanding the page out rate and the conversion rate, we can do targeted link station layout. Out of the low rate, high conversion rate of the page, can give more resources on the site within the chain, jump out rate is high, low conversion rate of the page is given less resource allocation. In order to control the PV value of different pages.

page of the PV value is the most able to reflect a number of active pages so in the final analysis, to control the distribution of the weights of the page must control the page’s PV value. The ideal state is to make important pages get more PV, so not very important pages get less pv. In order to let the weight of love Shanghai programme in accordance with the distribution of your ideal. This is actually a kind of love according to the Shanghai work station optimization algorithm.

analysis of the page title and content to do more accurate selection of key words, sometimes, may these very important pages we have no good for keywords, we need to solve these PV contents and title page optimization do high.

is not difficult, the most important is a data analysis work.

In fact,

may be a problem when it comes to a lot of people will think of the value of the PV control page is the brush page of the PV value is also can increase the weight of the page?

is not very obvious. The reason is very simple, the page weight of a website is relatively constant in your brush.

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