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The new station a month on the first page keywords love Shanghai

domain was bought in October 17, 2013, feel good to remember to buy a ***.hk and ***贵族宝贝.cn two domain names, bought about 3 years, said a long time to buy the domain name website optimization, buy so long! Is also optimistic about the long-term development of the site, the next dry cargo



novice friends most concern is the chain where ah, what weight high BBS can be made, and will not be deleted, in fact, many forums have an irrigation district, irrigation district to your post, and then at the end of the article with your site, how to find a high weight forum, you love Shanghai high search the weight of forum, lots of good friends, all ready, the convenience of users, you have to do is to sift through, because some sites not registered can immediately send a message, need certain privileges, so that beginners don’t too impatient, you get a paper and note down the chain to the Forum every day, and after the effect, this is very useful, you look back after a month, I have gone so far, why ask you to develop and write down their operations. Cheng? The first is to develop a plan, divided.

website is officially launched in October 28th, this 10 day stay on the server and site selection of the program, the final decision to choose discuz program, either together or forum portal website, very convenient to the atmosphere up, the first thing after the line on the website is in the A5 day of the original article, the effect is very well, especially new sites, but also obviously effect for the old station, the second is to submit the entrance in Shanghai love website to submit your site, then the overall layout of the site keywords, the title is written: the main key words – > keywords – > company name; describe the way, to the name of the company at the beginning, and then write the company’s profile and business in the main business, including the main keywords, at the same time, to describe is complete sentence sentence. Title and description do not appear keyword stuffing phenomenon, will be considered cheating that love Shanghai, will punish site, in second days A5 to send the original article, Google included my website, love Shanghai because algorithm and Google are a bit different, Google is a little late, I also take the content of the website the original way, let the love of spiders in Shanghai every day to crawl on my website, it is necessary to update the article every day quantitative timing, in order to get the love of Shanghai Pro gaze, to do, is also a good way to keep the site activity. Some people would say so many original articles where to find ah, at first I was head of the original article, the problem, then crustily skin Leng is forcing yourself every day to write original articles, so stick to now, every day some of the original article ideas, suggested here every day to read people published in the original A5 the article, there is a word? Having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is God! Keywords I do is Hongkong elite car alliance, to solve the problem of the original article, next is the chain, as the saying goes, content is king, the chain for the emperor, that is the priority among priorities. Figure:

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