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Analysis of the three strategies of Taobao Shanghai dragon how to improve store traffic

two, on the shelf time window and recommended

Taobao search default sort mode is divided into all the baby and popular baby, all the baby which accounted for 90% of the proportion of flow, the popular baby accounted for 10%, ranking all the baby will always change, is very unstable, contrary to the popular baby ranking, generally do not change, very stable. All the baby can be ranked short up, relatively easy, and the popular baby need long time cumulative sales, more difficult. This is mainly about all the baby ranking approach, which is Taobao Shanghai dragon, I put it up to three points, do these three points, I believe you will store traffic to enhance the quality of.


, related to whether the baby can appear in all the baby ranked in the first few pages, in the premise of a baby recommended to the window, from the shelves of the more recent time, ranking on the former. So is the key to baby shelf time. "

Taobao Shanghai dragon title is the priority among priorities, only the title layout well, have a chance to get a better ranking, a good title should be marketing keywords and keyword keyword + gold. Baby title can be written 64 characters, 32 Chinese Chinese characters, we should make full use of the 32 Chinese characters, at least one title which contains more than 10 effective keywords, keywords in the data cube in the "how to give the baby, named" 500 hot search keywords to find out the category.

, a baby

a successful Taobao store, natural search traffic should account for more than 40% of the total flow shop, why do you say that? A: Taobao search traffic is very large, the highest conversion rate: Taobao search traffic. The map data cube we can see hot baby, his Taobao search traffic often accounted for more than 50%, visible Taobao search traffic value is big.

and find out the main search keywords huge amount in these 500 keywords, and search volume can also, gold has very little competition keywords, and then set out to use Notepad to fuse one title. As shown in figure

keyword is search volume, and related keywords baby does not conflict, these keywords were merged into a title, "seckill mail! Original apple iPhone4 4S mobile phone protective sleeve ipone4 shell shell shell" just 64 characters, 32 Chinese characters! Please add marketing keywords, title to smooth. This title covers all the keywords listed inside the Notepad, when a keyword you appear when all the baby home page ranking, other keywords will almost appear in the same position, so that we have a lot of entrance.



The recommended shelf time and window



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