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Enterprises do the long tail word really a dead end it

The correlation between

content website, that eventually led to the website structure, under the condition that most users away. This website users access more and more running.

For example, the

looks very new, every one can do network marketing people will click into worship you. It as the author of the article said? I do not comment. The detailed analysis of this article. Because of his article is long, I choose to focus on the analysis and to everyone.

Enterprise Station enterprises, most belong to the popular industry, professional and strong.

store, most of the products are selling real, you begin to analysis is caused by improper product placement, hot drinks placed in the first row, then put some snacks in the winter outside. This is correlation, then the site is the same, when the user to a web site selling notebook, he also need the relevant product package, such as a mouse.

The long tail word

PS: this he said is a website jump out rate, as did as he said it would increase the bounce rate a lot. But we think about, since we are popular words, so we must search are also more popular, he can search for us, we have to guide the user to read do very well, how will increase the bounce rate. Here I think we should set up a specialized module to do a professional solution for this class of people, can adopt the mutual questions in the form of such "

PS: before we do not deny that but it is low conversion rate? I don’t think so. We have precise positioning of user groups, how there will be a low conversion rate? Even if the conversion rate is low, we use the long tail word to gather people they know our website is do the goods he will research our website if you can or can form order. So this time we need to do is to reflect the authority of our website. This is an important point for authoritative answers to retain the user.

The existing These products are not popular products The

. These words related to enterprise search keywords is very small. Most of us get most of the long tail keywords is the enterprise information OR technical information, or online looking for information, there are few users looking for technical advice articles. These technical consulting information leads to high user "bounce rate". Because the user has to understand the products, enterprises are mainly contact OR service to buy the product, etc., we provide users with links that users do not need, that is to say was not caused by.

companies are doing the technology sector and technical articles transformation rate.

see the article on the Internet today, saw an article called network marketing learning enterprise station to do one long tail word.

If the

belongs to the above, then the search will get rid of this site, because the search engine think your jump out rate is high, the website has hidden trouble.

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