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Love Shanghai recently combating spam authentication algorithm to adjust the industry brand

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Last month since the love Shanghai algorithm is particularly large, several big moves, these algorithms make adjustment, one is because the black hat Shanghai dragon too unbridled, need to combat these seriously affect the quality of search results by means of the algorithm, the other one is to love Shanghai users to search quality the pursuit of improving the user search experience, giving users the information they need most.

Although many of the things that

B, love Shanghai to the news station

A, Web2.0 anti spam strategy guide

1, love Shanghai official document library platform


Shanghai are imitation, but he used his user groups to implement a tool – >

The Library

love Shanghai official release platform

2, love Shanghai share plug-in

guide for love to Shanghai webmaster provide website management advice, love Shanghai in the document first put forward their own evaluation for web spam, and suggest the website main control web spam information, such as forum user registration authority, the implementation of the audit for each new machine registered forum posts, limit, and establish a blacklist mechanism in the forum, the mass of commonly used words, advertising, telephone, address and other blacklist to prevent the establishment of a large number of advertising, and a large number of posts on the explosive to implement monitoring, to prevent malicious acts of mass. Other types of WEB2.0 website to make similar management.


began to love Shanghai officials in the "degree" of the Shanghai love library account upload multiple files from May to early May, including the impact of the "Web2.0 anti spam Strategy Guide", also includes some on-line tools like Shanghai Webmaster Platform, and 5.23 day upload "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform tip: love Shanghai will improve the quality of news station show, with low quality news station", are very targeted to help improve the quality of search results love Shanghai, to help users quickly find the best search results. These two files are recommended websites to do their own site management, construction of the website is not harmful, regardless of the content, and suggest webmaster and love Shanghai to jointly safeguard the Internet environment, make use of Web2.0 loopholes black hat Shanghai dragon means undetected.

love Shanghai news source soft, has seriously affected the quality of search results, partly because of the high quality love Shanghai news source soft, on the other hand is a news site to give users more sense of trust, so for this kind of news site soft higher weight and flow, the targeted love Shanghai introduction of audit standard of news station, contribute to the improvement of the soft news station flood. The evaluation for the quality of news sites is also based on the correlation, whether to profit for the purpose of soft Wen release, the amount of advertising, whether with too many meaningless words and so on.

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