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How to detect the domain name and space quality

, a space or server.


domain name >

Selection method of

space and domain name is the foundation of our site, so we must ensure that the space and domain name can be used normally, there are also some basic requirements, here to share with you.

2. server. The main reason why we chose the server that we can have more server management authority, no interference from other people, then solve this problem, we have to consider a problem, that is the server security problem. The competition on the Internet is more and more intense, as long as your keywords ranking in the top three, the website attack is normal thing. A LED car advertising my website is like this, one day be brush more than 6000 IP traffic, but my site traffic is large enough, brush out. Others attack our website is one of the most destructive to the website does not open, it is very influence of the user experience, if not open more than 24 hours, it will directly affect our website ranking and included. So the security of a web server is very important. General hard G number is good, if there is a room above 20G hard it is very powerful. If the server fails, must be resolved within 24 hours, otherwise will affect our website ranking.

1. space. We are the most commonly used and most effective method is to use statistics to detect love Shanghai. Many sites have not installed love Shanghai statistics, but to install cnzz, here is not to say that cnzz is not good, but love is love Shanghai Shanghai statistics official things, so when the examination of the indicators website, love is more authoritative statistics in Shanghai. There is a love Shanghai Statistics website speed diagnosis, we can be our friends at the same time to click on our website, it is best to telecom and Unicom users have websites and then click on the speed of diagnosis love Shanghai statistics, if the test results of more than 80 points, so that your space qualified. Of course, not to say a test more than 80 minutes, but different times were tested. We can in Internet traffic such as the peak at 9 in the morning to 11 this time for testing. Of course, the scores here will be code or image optimization and some other problems, so long as the detection of problems, suggest you solve one by one. It is for everyone to see the love Shanghai statistical tool interface:

We buy

two, domain name purchase notice

The detection method of


space is basically enough, open speed Netcom and Telecom is quite good, so we strongly recommend to install love Shanghai statistics. There is love of Shanghai, we can for our website to check.

The detection of

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