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Analysis of noble baby penguin algorithm Shanghai dragon has not perished but you have to know how



was born is a great change English Shanghai dragon industry, resulting in black hat and white hat Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are anxious and preoccupied. Feel suddenly regardless of where you can see, those cattle were once touted Shanghai Longfeng experts, facing the keyword ranking from the previous stable in the top five until now did not name, terrified, looked sluggish. The arena never seems to be groundless talk more about Shanghai than the dragon is dead (whether or not jest). It is a situation like this, let me come… ..

The baby penguin aristocratic algorithm

Care, from the data we found what

Gogole algorithm to do what adjustments, how can I recover? (see the article ah?.


Microsite Masters, as a professional ranking tracker, will use the data to speak; we have tens of thousands of Websites Ranking history data. We have a good performance is not affected by the influence of the penguin station, at the same time we are also those damn Penguin bites station. We decided to start digging from these data (it does give us a lot of test data), from the results, although we believe this will give It is as expected, but you do next keyword ranking provides some clear guidelines.

The update of the

what does it mean? It means that each penguin to the target anchor text keywords punishment station anchor text in all links in the proportion of more than 60%. In other words, those who have not been punished with random proportion of more stations. The chain anchor text contains more than 60% target words can not guarantee that your station must be punished (Penguin it was as the investigation and analysis of the station there are a large number of more than 60% but not punished), but for those who target keywords anchor text contained in the chain in less than 50% of the station, from the data be sure to say, not by the penguin punishment. < >

You have the most

chain group is currently one of the most widespread industry Shanghai Longfeng natural means, we look first cast here. We also compared the punishment and not be punished under the station, distribution to analyze their anchor text. More specifically, we are most interested in is to analyze the anchor text of the chain how many percentage is included for targeted keywords (such as "blue widgets"), there are relatively few percentages of the anchor text is other types (such as "bluewidgets贵族宝贝", "blue widgets the number one | widget site", "click here," or other non measurable from the natural flow of the keywords of the anchor text)

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