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April Fool’s day how easily gains 200 thousand flow

forward A5, from the Pearl River News Network (www.zhujiangw.c>

for example: today’s April Fool’s day, people after 70s more people love this holiday, so what need this kind of person? Of course is a whole operation! If a fool, interesting, funny "you do, this kind of people will love, will naturally spread on the Internet, you forwarded" crazy, you don’t have to increase website traffic, then you have to be careful of your server is not able to bear large load.

contact Shanghai Longfeng six months, Shanghai dragon is the means, not the purpose. To create a platform for the wisdom of the people, and the brand promotion and content, the chain is free for you to add in others. An offensive word is: don’t make money on the face, face not to earn money, with successful people, until all the people scold you, is the richest man.

1, look at the "2011 fool’s Day confession Nirvana SMS cheat death MM not for life!" so far is the more than 90 thousand click, find a link, click on the page that has been open, the emergence of the "Service Unavailable" error, according to the traffic statistics of 51la and cnzz, the flow has more than 200 thousand, because it is very impressive, with the QQ group promotion, is a sudden increase in traffic, the server can not stand.


so we do promotion, so to understand what people need, what the recent. What can you provide for them, if you can understand these three points, then your website is not lost for the flow and the chain and.

as a webmaster, how to use the April Fool’s day, for marketing their products and promote their website? Look at a case: love Shanghai April Fool’s day, the first screenshot:

2, and this "[recommended] whole fool" limit recommended this Post Bar inside the link flow rate is 1460. For reprint volume 580. We think, if coupled with the promotion of QQ, we’re going to get much traffic

once a year the western society traditional folk festival April Fool’s day comes today. This festival in China is particularly lively, to fool or be wise and happy today cheated things visible before the eyes of the school. I see many years of Internet career develop connection will point the habit that I was bullied at April Fool’s day. Do you think, at least I cheated more than 10 times, some owners carefully prepared the lines so that you have to click on the. Some webmaster crafted out of "so you have to share with your friends. I was tricked, I also have a friend to fool.


and click volume has exceeded 200 thousand! You might say this is Post Bar hits, instead of a website, please don’t worry, fat slowly come for everyone.

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