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Chen Jun how to layout the website page

three, web page links layout

The new

is the breadcrumb navigation, the breadcrumb navigation is very important, he to the search engine spider friendly, at the same time for the user experience is also very good, he can show the current position of the user, will not let users on the site lost, so in the website to. This is a tragedy.

, a page in the head

, 1 pages within the website of the head should be the same, but also to write independently, and then take the calling method, thus streamlining the code for the site to the site to lose weight, is of great benefit to the website.

1, the site has two parts, one is the navigation column, this is not to say, as we all know, mainly through the navigation to the other columns, browse other columns content, increase the site of PV, so as to improve the weight of the website.


in the layout of the page is simple, only the head and the column display, say, this is the layout of the said method is simple, not a little, this is the design of web designer does not know in what circumstances, this arrangement will give "cloth dead" website, there are many such sites.


website page layout, simple said there are simple methods, but it is also a hard way, mainly to see how you think, because of a page, the text takes up more than 70% of the forum, so that the rest of the section to the reasonable layout, you need to use the.

1, the website page links to this layout is the key in the layout of the page, do good, your site work, do not, you know. The website page in the chain has 3 blocks, and the position should be reasonable, to meet the user experience, or you do is confirms this sentence " the wrong way, work ".

, 2 links layout, mainly on the right side, and the text below, this is the most conducive to the user experience, there are two reasons: first, if the user through the link into this article, see the article not to his (her) appetite, you have the words in the text of the link to the right, may keep the user, reduce user passes, increase website pv. Second, if the user of this.

website page layout is reasonable, the method is difficult:

, the two page navigation websitePage navigation

website, to the importance of considering the layout at the beginning of the design, whether the home page layout, column page layout (list page layout) or page layout, these must be taken into account, the reasonable layout of a website to a website can bring some advantages, so, you as long as your site layout is reasonable. You can be in the same condition, has a great advantage over your opponent. Brother is now here to introduce the website page layout how to write well, please forgive me.

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