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Google’s acquisition of WhatsApp by integrating their own external motivation M mess

historical reasons lead to communication products owned by Google out of order, such as a certain scale of products including noble baby Voice (phone application tool), Hangouts (baby aristocratic nobility baby + in the video group chat tool), Talk (main nobility baby text chat, as well as the integration of cloud storage) in Drive Drive Chat. In March there was news that Google plans to integrate these instant messaging products, the new "Babble" brand, in order to enhance the competitiveness of Facebook and between. But the news has not been officially confirmed Google.

WhatsApp release was a huge success, currently in iOS, Android, blackberry and other platforms to get tens of millions of users, WhatsApp is currently in charge of Apple’s AppStore ranked second in the application. According to statistics, in the new year’s Eve, WhatsApp send chat messages up to 18 billion. (Jing Jin

With the acquisition of



to strengthen the strength of the product, Google has a long history. For example, in July last year, Google has spent $25 million acquisition of iOS platform to make up their own email tools Sparrow, iOS mail tool is not successful weakness.

reported last year, Google had contacted the WhatsApp, and puts forward the idea of the acquisition at the end of last year, it is also reported that Facebook also plans to acquire WhatsApp.

AppleInsider pointed out that the integration of text chat, video chat, voice communication and other products, has become Google’s priority, if the rumors in the $1 billion purchase of WhatsApp is true, Google is likely to be looking for a power product team on the outside, to integrate their business confusion.

[IT] Sohu news April 8th news, according to foreign media reports, 7, sources disclosed that Google is planning to spend $1 billion acquisition of the mainstream mobile phone instant messaging (IM) tool WhatsApp, U.S. technology website AppleInsider document analysis, Google is likely to instant messaging product line is too confusing by WhatsApp this "foreign monks" the integration of its.

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