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Comment 360 how to search in chaos and occupy the initiative

third, increase the interactive function, such as talk, increasing the possibility of user participation, to further enhance the humanization and authenticity of the search results.

fourth, focusing on improving the mobile terminal layout, to achieve further search good influence in the mobile sector seven features.

but the product is to let the market do it clearly admitted before 360 in search of products in the field of zheji largely derived from 3 reasons. First, no user base, mature the product itself has no characteristic, cannot form existence, independent third, its strength is indeed not, not in the search results on the formation of the Shanghai love directly to fight. So in this search brand, 360 what changes?

360 launched a search there for some time. For this product, we also have different views, some friends think it is 360 in the search field to try again, compared to the previous search products, this breakthrough is reflected in many aspects; some friends think a good search exists before and not much change, just change a name, for more ordinary users search, apparently still only "love Shanghai" and "Google" two definitions. No matter you view the geometry, launched a good search is still a good try.

anyway, with good search is a good try for 360. But after the last "failure", 360 should be a string taut, how to keep a good search of a tour, realize the long-term development. I think this is a very important proposition, so nowadays in this case, what action should continue to search

first, the search for independent brand, good search and 360 desalination product group, which give more free space for development.


search for the combination of layout, enhance their own strength. Now the search market has formed 721 patterns, love Shanghai, and their 360 Sogou occupy a certain market share, the short term love Shanghai alone big situation still cannot change, in this context, 360 is not necessary by too much resource consumption to share very little change, and so, rather than with other complementary products, the layout of its function on the weak link. Before 360 and had reached Sogou cooperation, both sides will have more cooperation in the mobile product layout, this is a good direction, and then the product moat borrowed tamp live their user base, as for how late development, it will hold more initiative. You know a lot of products behind the two level market will have an impact on love Shanghai, but these forces only gathered will have more of an impact. So in the short term the layout of the product will only make 360 products function more perfect, but in the long run.

second, further purification search environment, improve search quality, control on the bidding advertising than love Shanghai stronger.

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