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Analysis through internal optimization of the five methods to promote the development of the website

second: original articles, critical.

"is the basic composition of the website, so good" is everyone’s face, a face that you decided to give the user the impression. So, how to make web design to attract the user’s attention is best?? first, we should determine the content of the website, which can find the overall style and content suitable for example: we do a cosmetics website, so we can on the make-up of the advertising pictures, and to put a sign on the most easy to see the place, but also the most obvious color. Then, the web color collocation. The overall style and color has a great relationship, because they compliment each other to achieve the best effect. "With a color, but also to adjust the transparency or to make the page look saturation, color harmony, layering. In determining the main colors at the same time, can not suitable for too many different colors. And try to put the color within three to five colors. Finally, to modify some small details page. For example: the word size is appropriate? Page settings and so on to test whether reasonable?.

: the first wonderful ", to attract users.

keyword in the search engine, play a big role. So we must seriously consider the role of the key position. Different locations will cause different effects, like the goods placed at different height, volume will be completely different. Therefore, to achieve the maximum effect in the key position to what? Everyone see the article almost always finds the first sentence of the first paragraph is.

website optimization including internal and external optimization optimization, we all know that if only to optimize the external and ignore the internal optimization, that is not enough, and will eventually cause the website ranking does not rise up. Inside is the root of a website, plays a key role on the website. On the one hand, internal optimization can improve the user experience of the website. On the other hand, can also provide a pleasant environment for online browsing, which left a deep impression. Therefore, the optimization of external at the same time, do not ignore the internal improvement. The following is my views on internal optimization.


third position, decisive.

website article must be original, because now the search is to be original, and a original articles can be worth sixty pieces of rubbish. And the original article is more conducive to improving the site weight and ranking. That is to say we should as far as possible to the original problem on the web content to choose some articles with fresh significance. Or some small article content. The original things to attract more people to visit, as well as a valuable role in the search process. Therefore, in the content of the website must have the original article, update every day. High quality articles will make your site to maintain long-term growth rate, included will gradually increase, the website ranking will gradually rise.


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