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Google research web site optimization segmentation

also said in the ordinary novarg, the concept of the keyword "translated into" people, noble baby thinks that natural language technology still has some value. For example, he said: "New York" and "York" are not the same, but "Vegas" and "Las Vegas (Las Vegas)" is a meaning of "Jersey" and "New Jersey (New Jersey)" may be the same, may not be the same. This is the noble Babi Corp concerned natural language technology, they pay more attention to the words and phrases, rather than analyzing the user input the whole sentence.

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according to foreign media reports, although the United States has been a challenge for natural language nobility baby search engine, but this interest is not high nobility baby. The R & D nobility baby official said the day before, online browsing is too lazy, they are not willing to enter a complete sentence, noble baby care more about natural language phrase level search technology.

in the usual search engines, we usually have to enter a search term, for example, we want to go to the southern tourist resort, usually enter famous names, such as Kenting Park, West Bay, four heavy, these names, search understanding of where to go, which we used to search the word is called search keywords. Few people enter a complete sentence search.

so many Shanghai Longfeng research what kind of words is often used to search online browsing, and then to optimize the website target keywords, one thing is to optimize the site of Shanghai dragon who is to be done, is the study of a web page including web page title, description, "paragraph organization, keyword density analysis of the content of a web page for a plan, to cater to the search engine’s habits and friendliness.

made the above statement is the Babi Corp responsible for the development of Peter Norvig?. For some search engine to support user input the whole sentence, novarg commented. He said: "in the search box in the middle of a sentence, instead of words, we do not think this is what progress. For example, in "the capital of France, where he is, the result is not necessarily better than in" the French capital "the result is more ideal.



in the title of the page and the content of the writing, Shanghai dragon website optimization a lesson is necessary to cross the border, is also in the arrangement and planning content must be understood by all the major search engines of word segmentation, simply refers to the search engine to analyze the information in this article, how to extract keywords how to identify? This article about what related words? So Shanghai dragon began to site optimization such as: Live, Search, Yahoo of noble baby! Explore the main Yahoo… Search engine segmentation path.

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