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According to the Shanghai website optimization search results to adjust and optimize the idea of lov


third, to the user experience as the core improve site richness. Website optimization today and yesterday already cannot be mention in the same breath, content is king the chain for Huang’s idea is to change, we must change the optimization ideas, on the basis of quality, more diversified show different information through the website, which is very worthy of our attention, the problem is in abundance, the quality of the content, picture display, video presentation, a lot of micro-blog, the use of instant plug-in are details of the main points of improving the richness, website optimization, user behavior and motivation is about search results showing a very important branch, and as a webmaster we also.

first, we search such as Sichuan, such as map, you can find love in Shanghai will be in a low, recommended for you, we can see the Sichuan recipes Daquan, Sichuan specials, and these details behind the picture, what this means, well, this is the love of Shanghai new intimate algorithm on-line search, analysis the user through the user behavior of most listed core points of concern, especially recommended we see these entries as you are after analysis of the search engine, search found Sichuan demand is to search a lot of invisible Sichuan cuisine dishes, the classic Sichuan is actually looking for Sichuan representative dishes. So, as a webmaster we should pay attention to what? What is the inspiration and Enlightenment of

second, as far as possible through the picture to meet user experience. In addition to the above recommendations for you, we see the following shows the names of many Sichuan or classification, and these details make users more intuitive for the results you want for screening, so as a webmaster if we optimize this words how to make the show worth considering in the picture list is the problem, first we have to for the website with the related images are rich of the show, because the moment love Shanghai optimization search results present diversification trend, as far as possible through various details to meet user experience, we have to cater to the needs of users at this time, to cater to the details of the search results change love Shanghai.

  we know the website optimization process in detail is crucial, then, what is the analysis of the details of the site, how to adjust the details of the optimization, the trouble should end it, heart medicine for the heart, we love Shanghai only through for the serious results page analysis to identify the current love Shanghai optimization focus. Well, we continued to enter today’s short gossip, theme, website optimization according to the search results to adjust and optimize the idea of love in Shanghai.

if we want to optimize the keywords Sichuan, we can assist the demand and keywords will be very close to the focus on optimization, such as optimization of the classic Sichuan, Sichuan cuisine, because love Shanghai think a lot of friends in the search of Sichuan ultimately need is highly related to these entries, because the concept of Sichuan itself is very large in this, the concept, the user most extracted attention, is one of the classic algorithm of intimate love Shanghai.

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