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From cooking Lenovo to search engine optimization

of a product can be successful, the product manager is not shirk its responsibility, because the dominant direction is directly linked to the product manager and the quality of the product itself.


this week to talk about the main logic problem. Most of the time, before the construction of a web, need to do a web product planning. What is the web product planning!? is the function of the product itself, then the properties of the product itself to expand. For example

seems very simple, in fact, according to the 28 principles of product planning, be able to do a good job, 10 only 2

in August 16thIn fact, ! ?

/ Cao tree

there is a saying that the child wasn’t very correct, right and wrong, only to see the pros and cons of adults. As for the "mature", I always have their own point of view, when a person says another person is not mature enough, whether it is said and said people are not mature to go, this is a reincarnation, applicable to any.

The principles of


I cooked a dish, the dish is let you eat, the function is good or bad, will not go into detail, what is the attribute extension!? is this dish itself needs what flavor, what form and so on, based on these properties, we can find clues, clues to what is what ingredients, seasonings and so on. Then is the work process, start making


is a very simple example, you need to consider the user experience, page page, URL does not need to jump, but through the JS control, as a product manager, you must first know what is JS!? if you can do this, and not to mention the demand, or as a technology might be you is an idiot. Of course, this is just an example, you can learn by analogy.

calculate the time required > dish

, for example, gas guzzling idney, you need to list 5 ingredients, treatment of kidney, marinated for more than 10 minutes, then fried saute half cooked, finally in front of some prepared ingredients, and then stir fried kidney, condiment, stewed and so on…

28, 8 people to do a good product planning itself, why!? understand is very broad, and many don’t understand, the meaning is very broad and shallow, so you do before the product prototype design, requires many technical discussion, not to mention the demand.

products from design to implementation, is a complex process. For example, many people think that cooking is very troublesome, why bother? Because you never cook yourself, just hot pot, wash dishes, oil and stir fry, seasoning, finally cooked stuffy, pan! I have such a point: in addition to the cook, the poor can not afford to burn food. As I said before, cooking requires a certain period of time, and this is just to stay in the cooking way to fill the stomach. If you want to make a qualified, color and flavor and taste of the food is, what you need!

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