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Zhongguancun pioneering Street opened 3rd anniversary hatch team 1900How much traffic can Baidu brin

said, mogujie.com, as with the beautiful street community sharing website is popular, they began to crazy swallow Taobao guest Commission countless, do not know if you have noticed, now space certification space more and more, these certification space only one objective, that is to seek the attention attracted traffic, but they found that the certification space this piece of cake has not meet their application, and began eyeing the Tencent, operational thinking is basically the same, that is to choose the most popular platform, put their own developed products, thus obtaining their target users, but why choose Tencent, too obvious the total number of Internet users, our country is more than 500 million, but the active accounts reached 700 million, there is no way in this world has no one can stop Tencent, before always listen to others to say the most profitable Internet company is only three, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, I do not believe, I believe, the Internet is complementary to each other, I think only they three are complementary.

is now similar to the beauty, saying that this fashion sharing community has become more and more, the profit model, only one, that is, the introduction of their own traffic Taobao, so as to obtain commission. When it comes to Taobao off site competitors not and you do the same word website but those who do share the community team, the team used in the Tencent, they are a team in the operation of a website, and you are a person.

is now one of the best way to do single-handed Taobao customer is nothing more than a few guest website, but you have not thought about it, the web traffic is depending on the search engine, then we in the mainstream search engine is Robin Li Baidu, because Baidu’s market share is too large. When taobao.com blocked Baidu spider, someone asked Robin Li, said now taobao.com blocked Baidu, so Baidu can bring much traffic to Taobao, listening to Robin Li said this sentence very calm, Baidu has also not directly to Taobao to bring traffic, General Lee what is the meaning of this sentence?

according to reports, three years, Zhongguancun Venture Street and settled 1900 agencies total incubation team including overseas and foreign team 222, to obtain financing 743, financing success rate of 39%, the total financing amount of 9 billion 104 million yuan, the average amount of 12 million 250 thousand yuan financing, including the financing of more than 100 million yuan of more than 40 enterprises, enterprises of the Unicorn 2.

Zhongguancun Venture Street open street, with innovation and entrepreneurship oriented, based on "venture investment and financing business show + two core functions, and" entrepreneurial AC + + business + business lounge media professional incubator + entrepreneurship training "five major functions, constantly explore innovative service innovation, experienced format adjustment mechanism of agglomeration industry and global innovation continued to upgrade stage, actively building a global innovation Highlands, developed into the nation’s career double vane.

Torch Center incubator management office director Chen Qing, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee Liu Hui, deputy director of the administrative committee of Zhongguancun Hou Yun, Haidian District party secretary Cui Shuqiang, Haidian District mayor Yu Jun attended the event, Haidian District vice mayor Li Changping served as the moderator.

technology news news June 12th, when the Zhongguancun Venture Street open street 3rd anniversary, the fourth Innoway innovation activities officially kicked off, the event focused on demonstrating the important achievements of the double 3.

at the launch ceremony, Canada iNETPLUS venture capital fund, Silicon Valley, CNOOC Gaochuang blue project, South Korea VITRUV, South Korea I m Cloud TNDN, "South Korea and other international institutions signed settled Zhongguancun venture street. As a global innovation and entrepreneurship landmark, Zhongguancun Venture Street actively link global innovation resources, build a global innovation platform, continue to expand international cooperation network, accelerate the upgrading of local operations to global innovation. In recent years, Zhongguancun venture street together more than 30 institutional agencies and the United States, Israel, block Britain, Germany Finland France, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India more than 20 countries to carry out cooperation, attract talent and the convergence of global innovation resources, sophisticated power technology and project landing, actively create a global innovation resources into the China window and platform.

in 2003 that called Ma founded a C2C mall, called taobao.com, not too long after the start of full, then a new occupation of Taobao passenger born, he began a variety of promotion, from the forum, blog, classification of information, space, group to 2 years ago the elder brother is really everywhere, ah, with the crazy and Taobao off five or six years of precipitation, of course, can not be denied that Taobao guest is indeed the achievements of a group of people, for example, my brother left wow lose weight nets, but now we can start to do Taobao


one of my friends asked me, how do Taobao said it off, I did not answer, because the problem is not one or two words can say clearly, not to mention that my friends on the Internet know too little, Taobao customers just listen to others to say is a profession.

, 3rd anniversary Zhongguancun street, Pioneer StreetSina

relying on business lounge online and offline, online business lobby platform upgrade version officially released on the same day, in addition to the initial set of innovative services and other related functions, clear management demand + industry innovation, resource upgrades, service upgrades and intelligent upgrade, to become China innovation resources in the areas of high degree of aggregation innovation, the demand for large enterprises is an important carrier and links of industrial economy and innovation of economic benchmarking platform. The living room is the core of the innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises, with the joint government departments and numbers

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