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Business focus shifted to Japan Softbank plans to reshuffle the boardStarting dry goods 4 ways to f

, Softbank also nominated Goldman executives Mark · Schwartz Mark Schwartz, the largest sovereign wealth fund public investment fund managing director Arthur · Al · Yang romao Yasir Al Rumayyan served as an outside director.

As an entrepreneur,

is always asked about entrepreneurship and always works under a magnifying glass. But that may be one of the reasons for calling it an entrepreneur, proving that you can do what other people think you can’t do. In fact, you can tell others that business is not all about business, making money, and more about achieving your own ideals.

many times, not just failure will scare away entrepreneurs, from the pressure of success will also make entrepreneurs feel fear. Since childhood, people have taught us that success is hard won. Not everyone can succeed, success is also a more responsibility and obligation. Many, for one reason or another, are unwilling to accept the challenge and feel shy about getting ahead. But please note that everyone should succeed. When you want to avoid risk next time, think of those who haven’t run away. They are almost successful.

was nominated as a member of the board of directors candidates including Softbank U.S. carriers Sprint CEO Ma Ciro · MarceloClaure; Kroll, British chip designer ARM CEO Simon · Higgs Simon Segars, and focus on science and technology industry, the scale of $100 billion "vision Fund Vision Fund" Rajiv · Mishra Rajeev Misra.

on Saturday, Softbank ended its first round of financing for the vision fund, raising more than $93 billion in funds. The fund is the world’s largest private equity investment fund, Softbank founder Sun Zhengyi said that it will be "Softbank" in the next 100, 200 or even 300 years of growth framework".

to reap the rewards, you have to have an excellent "adventure plan" and implement it. A blind adventure is no good. Today I will introduce 4 ways for you to take the right road when you are taking risks.

they risk huge risks before taking action, and some people will question their options. Practice has proved that there is risk, there is harvest.

In addition

author Steven Le Vine is a PR company president, "Forbes" and "entrepreneur" magazine commentator, in overseas business circles minor famous

May 25th news, according to Reuters, Japan’s Softbank group said on Wednesday, because the center of gravity of the company’s business outside of Japan to the overseas market, the company plans to appoint its main subsidiaries as the person in charge of the group’s board of directors.

learned that Alibaba founder Ma will remain Softbank board members.

these personnel appointments must be approved by Softbank shareholders’ meeting held in June 21st this year.

1, don’t be afraid to fail,

2, don’t be afraid of success,

has the risk to have the repayment. The bigger the risk, the higher the chance to get a huge return. Columbo is not at their own risk and the lives of the crew discovered the new continent? Gagarin adventure if not flying out of the earth, how can we know the earth outside the wonderful world? If not Zuckerberg founded the social network, how can we in today’s high-speed communication

in my personal experience, I resigned after my first job and many friends asked me if it was worth it. When I was 25 years old, I moved to Losangeles and my parents asked me why I was there. Later, I went to study airplanes, and grandma asked me why I did that. All this has become the most wonderful thing in my life.


3, don’t be questioned interference of others "

failure is a must. Society tells us to fear failure, but we must not be afraid of failure until we fail. Mistakes are made by individuals, and mistakes are often made. The key is how we see failure. Failure creates opportunities for us to learn from, so that we can avoid the next failure. And there is no failure on the way to success, and success becomes meaningless. Better to be happy with failure than to fear failure, because it helps you to reach your goal.

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