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Rural baby talk and network bonds so that the monthly income of over 10000Don’t look at Philippines

shop packing with the supply available, the rest is the promotion, but for my ignorance, "Ella Posuo" customer service is very attentive to help me solve, they now also help promote the promotion of cheats. The promotion of online shop is also the most important, increasing the flow of online shop can bring more baby volume. Therefore, a certain advertising should also be taken seriously, so I have been worried about the problem solved.

introduced a friend to a model company to work, do half a year, every day bitter, tasteless, a year on busy for two months… Is a friend said, we do work, although high wages, but also the most inferior occupation. In order to change the boring, killing youth life and struggling to find a cudgel thinking, but for the way.

in the whirling Ella and unremitting efforts of their promotion of the shop promotion, shop attracts many visitors from different areas of the IP, sales volume is also increasing. Now the shop every month a considerable income, I also really realized "entrepreneurship, thousand" dream.


mobile phone industry is three, respectively, Globe, Smart and Sum, whether it is phone, SMS or network use, can according to the different needs of customers, can have a flexible package. China Mobile roaming will automatically access the Globe network. Colleagues bought a Globe 8G flow card, valid for one month, 1000 pesos. exchange rate 1:7, equivalent to about 140 yuan, a local customer service staff monthly income of about 1000 yuan.

in many Chinese in mind when it comes to Philippines, the deepest impression is the dried mango and the philippines. Spring Festival holidays, in Philippines after a period of experience and observation, I feel that this country, the development of mobile Internet will have great room for development. After India, it will even become a hot spot in the world’s next Internet start-ups.

4G network

Philippines Telecom

now, looking back on the past, I have to ask myself who I would like to thank most. That’s my parents. They brought me up little by little. This kind of affection can not be forgotten for a lifetime. Thanks to my friends who have been supporting me, the eyes of their faith, urging me to move forward step by step. There is also a platform for the opportunity I supply customers ", such as" supply customers "supply website is to provide a variety of information for the supply of goods such as taobao shop owner and advertising provides a good platform for businesses. What’s more to be thankful for is >

the gap between the Internet and China is two times,

said the capital city of Manila, and the port of PG, tourists are constantly, scenic areas, economic status relative to other places, the development of the Internet should not be too bad. But the development is still not very optimistic.

is calling local

With the help of

went in and looked at the above customer service to do a simple understanding, feeling good, their style, type more, the most important point they recruit agents also store decoration free, this is a great chance for me to a network of illiteracy! Because I feel a production fine, with the visual impact of the site, the residence time tends to increase their online shopping, can effectively improve the customers’ purchase rate. It can solve a big problem. My.

so every day sitting in front of my computer thinking. On a Sunday afternoon, I accidentally saw a sh419 in the "supply customers" supply site with a female agent Posuo Ella "advertising page first feel good.

, whose name is Ali, is from the countryside. 72 meters tall, because the family situation is not full, high school and graduate, who came to Shanghai, arrived in Shanghai to the outside world is very ignorant, just to the big city is also frustrated, on the Internet is ignorant, but "life, bold and live".

in February on the recommendation of a friend to start a part-time job, a Taobao shop, just started very seriously, but for the network it is all at sea confused, unable to start.

this is the bow family, but also the fate of the Chinese mobile phone party. Where to go, ask how many passwords. In China, WIFI has become commonplace. But in Philippines, WIFI in the hotel restaurant although most, but they do not like domestic announced their own account and password, but to ask the waiter consultation, usually give a note, above a password, will take out. Although some restaurants have WIFI, they will not be used by guests.

holiday spent a total of two city, Manila and Puerto galera. Manila is the capital of Philippines. It is the political, economic and cultural center. While on vacation to Puerto Galera Puerto Galera, hereinafter referred to as PG, is a famous diving world. It is called one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. Ordinarily these two places, is relatively developed economy areas. However, the development of the Internet is still very surprising.

we booked the apartment in Manila via airbnb, in the center of the city, near the Embassy of the United States, and the whole room was completely western decorated, fully equipped and very comfortable. But that’s >

as a whole, 4G signals are very good at covering the two places. However, the speed is very unstable, and sometimes there is a signal, obviously feel the speed of rapid decline, and even can not send WeChat. Local people suggest not to recharge the local mobile card too much money, because the system is very unstable, often inexplicably chargeback, and sometimes just recharge has not started, there is no balance.

WIFI hotspot

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