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Online advertising who has the final sayCool easou classification information general manager Pan Ju

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

many personal webmaster site has not reached a certain size, or a person in the struggle, but insisted after a period of time, probably because of loneliness, lack of patience or profit is likely to have the idea of giving up. In fact, the webmaster is not lonely, because there are many webmaster in order to ideal, day and night struggle. Do pay attention to, adhere to this thing is easy to say, it really insist on even painful suffering, but as you adhere to a few years, when every day to pay more time, will understand the profound meaning of the stick.

Pan Jun said, just started to do the stage when the site for him and even has become part of his life, such as when the web server paralyzed, regardless of the time later, he will go to the computer room maintenance server, so that the spirit of success is difficult.

started the company in the pan cool network, using only the remaining time to work every day. The beginning just for the love of the site, or even a minute". For this idea, he packed his luggage, embarked on a long journey……

originally created this site, "just by virtue of their observations on the Internet, find a platform to facilitate people’s lives was the lack of a lack of Internet, allow users to publish their information free of charge so that their information becomes more valuable as a platform." Because to understand, so mercy, Pan Jun did not feel how great, but he saw more than others with the needs of society, the Internet is also lively, missing him to stand out the gap, do not leak things, so simple, simple.

as we all know, no matter what is the Everything is going smoothly. one after another, but the problem has become the emerge in an endless stream, the way he "collection", the website said to him above all, such as web server paralysis, no matter how late, he will go to the room from the maintenance of the machine, until the it returned to normal at the moment, to lay down their hearts, relieved, often tired shoes off and fall asleep.

a flash "flash", or "good"

took the field life, considering the construction content of the website is also easy to cool the prospect of classified information website for people to use the basic necessities of life, "

imperceptibly, cool easou network www.kuyiso founder Pan Jun has been to eighth years.

Pan Jun, "from the beginning and the end," that the only service to the masses, to serve the community website, is a good site, a successful website. At this time, the company had net cool shape in his mind, has also become a driving force at the time of all his actions, even let him awake at night to finish it.

, now the Internet age, online advertising after another.

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