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Several methods to write soft Wen WangzhuanShare personal webmaster for Network Entrepreneurship fou

method to write the soft Wangzhuan is divided into the following categories:

network business — not in the blue ocean in the Red Sea, looking for the blue ocean

Blue ocean

the word first appeared in the Chinese is 2006, two is a professor at INSEAD, in 2005 wrote a book called "Blue Ocean Strategy" English Blue Ocean Strategy proposed, if you want to study the blue ocean strategy in the book to see blue refers to the creative to! Create a market, making new demands, new industries. For a start, less competition, even only one person, so money is very easy, it is like swimming in the quiet blue ocean. While the relative blue ocean is the Red Sea, refers to the competition in the current market space, by constantly improve efficiency, reduce costs, and even Dutch act type price competition, so we are stuck in a bloody red sea.

2 software pseudo original class Wangzhuan on the original article by

and some are what kind of product used by a certain kind of feeling post, which is generally seen in some of Taobao’s cosmetics products promotion. This is also soft writing, so that people who need this product have a strong interest in this product, thus prompting the rise in sales. Of course, we’re in it, as we said in the previous class, plus search sources. If you bring the URL, then you may be banned. Only with a search source, this category is extremely powerful. Encourage others to search for key words you set, then others will take the initiative to find you, which will bring you profits.

nineteenth Century Dickens in his novel "Shuangcheng records" said, this is the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; now many young people’s time, the cause of the failure in the business is not the same age or pet phrase, and now is not a good time, if I made before. Successful people think this is the best of times, quickly seize the opportunity of entrepreneurship. It is not the best or the worst of times, only the wisdom or the age of foolishness. The same industry in the network, you may miss the SP era, Taobao API era, and in the bad times you think of nothing now. But there are a lot of people in bad times that you continue to create good times one after another.

no matter what the original article, can be brought into, I still take the bus to corn Wangzhuan forum for example.

For example:

1-9 is a regular forum, tenth modified corn bus forum. In this way, others will pay attention to the tenth place when they are concerned about the 1-9 place. Because they all want to get some information about how to make money online and how they make money.

example: 10 the most authoritative forum,

1 original Wangzhuan soft

!When he was 29 years old.

soft Wen, whether we are building garbage booth publicity, product page publicity, so that in the future to regular stations also need speculation. So this technology must be used in place. Because it will bring you endless flow.

We put the

visible blue ocean is every entrepreneur’s dream, but to find the blue ocean and easier said than done but if change an angle, from the Red Sea the Red Sea refers to the fierce competition of the market to blue ocean innovation is relatively easy. After all, many of the elements in the Red Sea has already matured are perfect, just find an innovative breakthrough in a series of elements can by surprise, surprise move! Recommend a master in this to everybody here! Is the current Hongkong City Telecom chairman Wang – wikipedia. Can be regarded as a commercial genius, his every success is almost always in the Red Sea to the blue ocean challenge rivals, the success of

also has the key words that can write some sh419 hot events, such as the recent "Xiao Shenyang", that is very popular. We can find some articles for adaptation. Then add your own search source in the text. Of course

yesterday we said how to borrow other people’s traffic, and how to create a search source, the focus of which we are talking about today, is the soft text. The so-called soft Wen, that is, you want to express the meaning and keywords to an ordinary person, looks like not advertising articles. Let people read this article, feel that writing is very good, but also to arouse others search the article, you ambush good keywords desire. When these two did, then your soft Wen technology has been very cattle.

fight! "

bus station announcement the founding introduction of maize area is belong to the original post, when we put the article to each big Wangzhuan forum, people have seen the real experience, is likely to see the corn bus. Because other people just accept our article, and that is tantamount to accept our advertising.

start empty-handed independent venture, founded a City Telecom is involved in the red sea was already the phone market, seize market share from the Hongkong phone market leader Hongkong Telecom was a big success, and later founded Hongkong broadband broadband market is also entering the Red Sea, the second son of Li Jiacheng Richard Lee’s challenge of PCCW the leading position, the same success! In April this year, Wang Weiji is making a bold move to sell its telecommunications business to expand cash 5 billion free TV business, ready for the TV industry this piece of Red Sea and giant TVB


this kind of article original is very simple, just need you to search, find a high degree of concern category. Collection of some related industry Web site, by the way also put in their own, such a soft text will not be deleted.

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