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Empty fox founder Yu Xiaodan again sound dirty water ‘m not afraid Taobao female owner 2 years 4


, just briefly.

– I didn’t get my salary for a year. After the first round of financing, my salary was 20 thousand. Until the third round of financing, I got 40 thousand of my salary. At the same time, the post office staff salary is 50 thousand, COO is 2 million annual salary. I think COO’s salary is higher than the market price

credit rating: four crown

graduated from the University for 06 years, lost two years of postgraduate work +, spent two years in muddleheaded. I love the shopping online from University, postgraduate failed, at the time that the online sales is a very good opportunity, but do not just graduated from start-up capital and experience, then listen to their parents, to find a job safety class peace, live in nine late five life time is 08 years. My work is easy, is civilian in Pharmaceutical Engineering Department, basically every day work done can have some time on the Internet, at that time the company also allows employees outside the network, so basically every day in Taobao above, not shopping is to see the forum learning experience, we often see some posts to start empty-handed rookie seller sales of over 10000 and so on, the heart a burst of excitement, hope that one day can become one of them. Slowly from some of the seller’s experience learned that, in the hands of goods, but also want to open Taobao shop, you can start from commission. So the Internet to find suppliers can be sold. In their purchase, do two suppliers after a total consignment, the first is crystal jewelry, but because the shipping price is too high, and has just opened without experience, several months, even a baby did not sell out. When frustrated, we found a supplier who could sell daily necessities. The price was low and the quality was good. At that time, we began to have sales gradually from zero. It began in 2010, from 0 to 2, and took more than three months.

gender: female

career: full-time seller

yesterday I feel like a class is high grade students as ou. Some people think good, clean up the low grade, high grade boy as they did so over. Some people say that this must be the lower grade did something bad, or else how to beat her high grade? This feeling is really familiar.

signed a contract with the contract, do not give money to him and dragged down the founder did not dare to say, do not change the contract, change of business, audit, he pretended not to know the requirements of the board of directors he does not open now that I do not report, I said investors squandering money. Each of these is not a single case, these investment circles customary trick, you can borrow my things experience life.

hopes that my experience will give some confused little sellers some experience and encouragement.

age: 83 years old,

– I as CEO during on-line in 2014.9 APP complete development and had half a year after growth data to get financing, not PPT financing, so the Navy cautious wording. Sequoia Capital, source capital, China’s first round of shareholders. Before that, about 1000000 of my expenses would be financed by myself.

– the company completed two rounds of financing, the second round of lead investment for Zhou Yahui, the first round of shareholders with the cast. Zhou Yahui in the absence of agreement on gambling case, after the signing of the contract a year did not play enough, finally breach of contract change. Zhou Yahui signed an agreement to invest 45 million. The actual period of the year a total of 23 million and 3 million to the accounts, Zhou Yahui paid to COO Zeno, not for the company’s operations. Arrears 19 million.

, the adventures of the empty fox season second, was told that the empty fox was going to shut down silently, and I think it would be worthless for Zhou Yahui since it was closed. See many users reluctant, former colleagues do not want this product disappeared, but I contacted Zhou Yahui did not reply, had to send the article attracted attention. Zhou Yahui said I was to send the hype, the cap-a-pie sullied insults, about their won clean. I don’t throw dirty water on Zhou Yahui, but here I still say he’s unprofessional as an investor.

– the investment is insufficient, but it will be enough, so for a long time the company’s budget is based on full investment. Shareholders check the accounts every month, each year by Sequoia Capital designated authority to do audit, that is, all informed. Because money is also slow halfway, shareholders criticized the conservative and complacent. Now that the company is "burning money", it means I don’t know what to do with it. I think otherwise, investors certainly can not run away, Zhou Yahui, Sequoia, source code for these decisions have a veto, much greater than the founder of power. Now I want my back pan, I don’t carry it back.

region: Harbin

at that time to work income, set up shop only for interest, are low-priced sales, there is no profit. Because occasionally is also interested in the mobile phone beauty DIY, began to transfer from the sale of their own in the Ali and Harbin wholesale market purchase, at home began to have actual inventory of Taobao store. During this period, the boyfriend has been supporting me, without the purchase of funds, he took his income at the time to remove the daily expenses, all used to buy goods for me, I also pay a monthly salary, the remaining used to purchase

recently store a lot of things happened, get mentally and physically exhausted, because of some problems and partner, cannot proceed, deal with the problem of nearly half a month, during which only temporarily closed the store, because the details are not good for clients, only lied about network maintenance temporarily closed. After these things, the shop is now officially returned to normal business, more than sad, only more hard work will store management, recall the past more than 2 years of dribs and drabs, filled with a thousand regrets.

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