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How to operate online shop correctlyLook at the prospect of Taobao webmaster Wangzhuan guest

because Taobao customers in the promotion platform of goods is too small, it is difficult to attract more Taobao customers, especially the strength of the site for Taobao promotion. So, Ali mother launched the publicity to the shopkeeper, and will participate in promotion limit down to as long as the credibility of 3 hearts can. After a period of publicity, to participate in the promotion of dispensers more, Taobao customer promotion platform in the number of goods and categories are more. In particular, some dispensers have tasted the benefits of this, particularly interested in, but also to share experience, and more to promote the matter. Remember Ali mother community, once was all the shopkeeper looking for Taobao guest’s post. In this period, only a single product was promoted, which was the most favorable period for the shopkeeper. Some dispensers, the entire shop, only three or four items to participate in the promotion, and most of the remaining transactions are not required to pay commission.

name is not regular words, the importance of shop number is related to their own corporate image, but also directly affect product sales. In general, names to be auspicious, easy to pronounce, unique, easy to memorize. A tailor, like selling high-end jewelry, go on "foreign"; selling traditional crafts, souvenirs, is to rely on the "soil", the soil more distinctive, more national, the more the world. Through the proper name of the shop, let customers know themselves, appreciate themselves, trust themselves, and realize long-term business cooperation. Name planning well, you can hundred mouth Legend, do free publicity.

three, to Taobao customers propaganda mobilization period

some people say that the future direction is to do content, content driven traffic, traffic flow, and naturally can promote out of the relevant goods……

fourth step, use advertising, grab the eye,

one, everyone is more cautious period,

advertising is retreat, management is practical. Purchasing channels, staff management, business development, customer communication, revenue and expenditure, transportation, logistics, are required courses of daily work, which links problems, will be directly affected

Taobao customer promotion platform has just launched the first edition of

the first step, take advantage of the location, choose a good location,

third step, clever decoration, highlighting personality

actually, in this case, it’s so easy to set up an online shop. But the real operating well below their own shop not everyone is easy to do, and is a master to teach me a bit of experience, I also speak out to share with you, hope to give our customers have some help.

since May 20, 2008, Taobao promotion platform upgrade, cited the concept of promotion of the whole shop. In this period, Taobao is promoted

two, the seller’s propaganda mobilization period

second steps, careful consideration, a good name,

some people say that the future direction is to expand the e-commerce chain, do extensive online shopping guide, rather than limited to Taobao, limited to Taobao promotion……

shop to shop business will play a major role. As the saying goes, store an inch, a business zhang. A good shop is the fastest and most active place for people to flow, flow, and flow. Of course, this is not absolute. Under the guidance of the advanced concept of modern commercial environment design, from the aspects of human nature, psychology, habits and other factors, it is possible to create a miracle of store for monks.

some people say that the future direction is to do word of mouth, buyers know you make money, but also willing to let you earn this part of the money, buy what you recommend, because there is security……

decoration directly affect the image of the store, the decoration is not to luxury for can, certainly not to humble shabby cost-effective, it is important to practical, personality, taste. Here to consider the harmony of color, goods display, display, lighting effects, background music choice, see the goods route, etc., all closely around a principle: enhance the goodwill, and promote the desire to buy.

in today’s society is the information society, advertising has become an essential sign of conventional weapons, to do, to do the shop window, packing bag to do, the price label to do, to do publicity, Yilabao display has to be done, and what the eyes are advertising, is really the eye-catching and easy to remember. In the same market, the visibility and effect of advertising inside and outside the shop become an important factor affecting the purchase. In addition, we should make full use of the industry media to do rigid image advertising and soft journalism. Savvy stores or businesses always have an annual plan for advertising.

some people say that the future direction is to do segmentation, not what categories are done, the whole as much as Taobao goods, it is better to go to Taobao……

, only in the consumer protection sellers, Taobao customers can participate in the promotion, we all take a more cautious attitude, the Ali Mama official propaganda is relatively small. Few people take advantage of rules. Some Taobao – Ganluan are still worried about the promotion of goods, so the legal liability caused by. I remember I used to say I do such a thing, the family asked me, this does not violate the law? If I bought you through the promotion, not good, how to do? Buyers to buy Taobao customers to promote products, but are also more security, after all, is to join the consumer protection sellers, and are some of the more powerful and the vision of the seller. Personally, I think this is a good time for buyers.

everyone off the Taobao era is not far away from us, now in Taobao after buying a product, you can see on Taobao customers to promote links, tell buyers to purchase goods, to share with friends, but also to make money. Just a little attention, all buyers can see, just some people trouble, do not want to understand these.

fifth step, advertising done well, better management,

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