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Online shopping online shopping spree to help people master seckill a second to earn 50 yuanHubei’s

Lai Chunlin in Wuhan before the Optics Valley conference Internet plus "innovation development also revealed, Sheng day network business for 10 years, had moved 13 times, the most is the beginning of entrepreneurship in the corridor.

employer: "spike" spreads can save thousands of

for the preparation of IPO Sheng day network mixed

enterprises prepare IPO listing is a long-term process. When the prospectus was first published, the main business of the day network was to engage in Internet Entertainment

Sheng days network was originally a local grassroots enterprises in Hubei. At about the same time, Internet companies such as PPTV have moved out of Wuhan, and many businesses have disappeared or been merged, but the sky network has persisted.

"recruiting spike masters, success single fifty."." This kind of advertisement can be seen in many communities and colleges in Chengdu. Quick click the mouse, in a short second, to ultra-low prices, buy online sellers of special goods, has become a lot of online shopping Daren’s new ways of making money. "" spike "is a network of sellers release super low-priced goods, all buyers buy online at the same time a sales method." People in the industry to remind consumers to participate in the "seckill" not only to hand, still need to see clearly the product is not worth panic buying.

actually, when IPO restart, Sheng day network release time is determined, Lai Chunlin but some do not believe, that someone asked over, thought it was the beginning of rumors.

expectations, the bigger the disappointment,

, the last day of 2015, was an unusual day for the sky network and its CEO Lai Chunlin. On this day, Sheng day network successfully landed gem, became the first local listed Internet companies in Hubei, since then created 13 consecutive trading limit, the market value of billions.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported January 26th

only need to sit in front of the computer for a while, to help the employer to buy goods, you can successfully earn 50 yuan, for such a reward, online shopping Daren "toto" said: "this kind of reward is too low."." Toto, seckill is actually very eye mental examination work, although the success in just a few minutes, but must be started early, understand the seller’s law when pushing "seckill", but also on the computer hardware requirements are particularly high, if the discount rate is generally big, find a few people at the same time to grab the opportunity, big." Moreover, there are some shops play in "seckill" when the limited banner Xinjingroutiao. Panic buying more in name than in reality, and found the same goods seller "seckill", and the volume of more.

Lai Chunlin said, the purpose of the meeting is to encourage a team, give you more confidence, on the other hand also consider, a way to boost the capital market is the management of the company, but the key is to get down to do business.

The bigger the

Lai Chunlin said, "the closer you get to the dawn, the more anxiety you’ll feel.". And when you think you can go on the market, you can immediately get the capital market tickets, you can have more action, IPO suddenly pause, how much will lead to people’s hearts are very frustrated.

business in these 10 years, said Lai Chunlin told the Tencent interview with science and technology, the most difficult is the first half of the year Sheng day network listed, originally thought that the company will soon issue smoothly, has suffered in July 2015 A shares, the stock market crash of August, IPO suspended for six months.


"the day we knew the news was Saturday, and I immediately called executives and told us what preparations were to be made.". IPO may be suspended for six months, perhaps a year, no one knows, we must re adjust their strategy, and make preparations for a protracted war."

ace: 50 yuan is actually too low,

before the release, Lai Chunlin holds 51.2% shares of Sheng Tian network, after the release of the company’s stake is still as high as 38%, Lai Chunlin, thus increasing the value of the market to become a new generation of local women’s richest man in Hubei.

in accordance with the recruitment notice on the phone number, the reporter contacted the employer, Mr. lu. "I saw the offers offered by some online shops. It was really tempting." Mr. Lu said, his special love online shopping, scouring the Internet for some cheap stuff recently, "seckill" this new term in many shop are very popular, but generally participate in the activities of the goods are relatively small, but the time is very short, "I saw a camera, the original price of 3000 yuan, the price spike was 500 multiple." Because several previous attempts have not been successful, so I think of recruitment network Daren to help him.

Mr. Lu said, his inspiration from the recently users upload to the network video seckill: in the dim bar, dozens of users was staring at a computer screen, the screen display for everyone Taobao page, when 8 o’clock seckill begins, everyone quickly click to refresh the page. A minute later, from a corner came a loud roar, "I’m coming."." Dozens of people quickly surrounded him and surrounded him. It is said that the lucky "seconds friend" spike is HP’s notebook. And one side of the employer also happy not spending, shout loudly "earned"". "It is said that the success of the spike makes employers earn thousands of dollars."

Abstract Sheng days network landing gem after the continuous creation of 13 daily limit, the founder of the richest woman in Hubei.

toto introduction, she took a similar business before, are in accordance with the transaction price and market price differentials to deduct commission. "That’s definitely more than 50 yuan. I’ve done a spike once a week. The Commission is 500>."

A review of the

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