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Novice how Wangzhuan moreshlf1314 releases Chinese domain name calling service

* guns and ammunition, knives, butterfly knives and brass knuckles and other weapons.

* extremely profane words.

shlf1314 will use a combination of automatic signal recognition and manual inspection of the two ways, so as to select with AdSense domain name advertising policy domain; for those who were identified as violating the policy domain, shlf1314 may be discharged.

then read Chinese AdSense official blog report, shlf1314 released the Chinese version of AdSense for domains, Chinese publishers can now put this ad.

Multi level marketing problems of

* illicit drugs and related equipment.

* violent or racially biased words or in any form directed against individuals, groups, or organizations of hate speech.

* involves disaster or other sensitive current events.

speaking of Wangzhuan mentality I also want to say about another problem: Wangzhuan training. Is the name of the day to earn tens or hundreds of people under the banner to attract many engage in Wangzhuan training now, after training they really reach they say earn tens or hundreds? I beg to differ. Say so many people may engage in Wangzhuan training will scold, but I don’t care, scold scold me, I do not enter the hell, who the hell. I personally think: Wangzhuan like learning, is not just a few days and months multiplying, days of training can be achieved overnight at most is to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

Wangzhuan guide in the station I column there are a lot of articles you can see Wangzhuan guide, I am in a guidance article Wangzhuan not once mentioned is low Wangzhuan work, not to say that you want to make money can make money, Wangzhuan also need to learn, you must pay attention to this point, although I’m going to I want to send Wangzhuan Wangzhuan built rookie qualify for the advanced paradise, but if you can’t pay attention to this point, I can not help you.

* tobacco or tobacco related products.

about the mentality of Wangzhuan had to mention online has been popular that is, we often say that the MLM, why cheat the mentality of the problem often succeed? I think the key is part of Wangzhuan friends. Don’t cheat this little trick they don’t wear? This is certainly not, one can understand the problem. So why are they willing to be cheated, I want nothing more than two points: Beginner wanted the money too, money was blinded; part thinksome Wangzhuan experience of people, that is, petrified for own benefit, MLM, also stubborn, to entrap the money for the new. For example, the investigation liar Comeus, I have told a lot of people, but unfortunately they just do not listen, the results can be imagined. Before this one and this is similar to the 20click survey estimated that many veteran Wangzhuan liar, should know. There are many others, such as ZHONG CHUANG, and so on. These can not earn money, can not create wealth, but the transfer of wealth, the final result can only be harmed by how many people, rich several others.

, however, the domain name for AdSense for domains must comply with shlf1314’s plan policy, and the domain name submitted by the AdSense domain name may not include any words in the web address. The terms in the web address shall not contain any of the following or any of its contents:

today on the GG background, suddenly saw a column, a careful look at the original shlf1314 was released Chinese version of the domain name calling service! Good, especially it is good for us there are a lot of resources in the domain at hand these friends.

* activities for the promotion of unlawful activities or infringement of the lawful rights and interests of others.

Adsense for Domains is shlf1314 launched domain name service, the service can make your domain name shlf1314 Adsense advertising display idle, if the user has a large number of idle domain, and the domain name has a certain flow, then you can put these ads. Thus, when visitors enter the domain name, there will be a full page of AdSense advertising, including AdSense, for, content, keyword advertising, AdSene, for, search search and more advertising.

* beer or spirits.

article now online guide Wangzhuan can say a lot, basic knowledge Wangzhuan I will no longer say, today I would like to focus on the novice do Wangzhuan mentality.

* prescription medicine.

* pornographic, adult, or juvenile unsuitable terms, including but not limited to, mentioning or suggestive of nudity, partial nudity, sexual fantasies / sexual acts, obscene / detailed descriptive acts, or profanity.

* any other language used to illegally, promote illegal activities or infringe upon the lawful rights of others.

no matter what you do, the mentality is very important, I think this is everyone’s consensus, I will not say more. Below I simply said the mentality of the problem about Wangzhuan part. Wangzhuan Wangzhuan is to make money online, so a simple concept misled many beginner, so many beginner are very care about the money. Many add to me Wangzhuan novice first sentence is I now ask you how much money a day. How can I answer this question? I don’t have a good answer such questions, so long time an amateur Wangzhuan I haven’t accomplished what. So I would tell them, "it doesn’t matter how much money you make now. What matters is how much money you can make and how much money you’ll make later.".

* relating to gambling or casino related content.

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