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Finally know how hard money is madeWhy did 51Talk choose to buy 91 foreign teachers and will the yo

    just beginning to do the station, the election of the GG ad, because the threshold is low, unlike sh419, very high conditions. GG’s sweetness is also good, just click on the beginning, it will give you a few dollars, and now, well, the flow has just come up, TNND, more than 100 clicks only 0.15$, extremely depressed. Is that how GG does business?. I don’t know if any of them met.


this week, online education took its first acquisition in 2015: 51Talk bought 91 foreign teachers. As the two pioneering project of "Little Dragon Girl", Gong Haiyan, after the failure of the ladder net and that good net, the whereabouts of the 91 foreign teachers has attracted great attention. About the acquisition, people are full of doubt: why 51Talk 91 foreign teachers, the two companies will be how to integrate existing resources, young dragon will embark on the third journey,


but, "Little Dragon Girl" Gong Haiyan’s whereabouts and before foreign news is slightly different. >

professional foreign teachers courses for business professionals

in the acquisition details of cooperation, 51Talk and 91 foreign teachers to maintain the confidentiality of the specific amount of the acquisition, but revealed more details of the acquisition, including 91 foreign brands will not disappear in the short term, while most of the 91 foreign employees will join the 51Talk, the other 91 teachers have overseas and teacher resources will also be 51Talk all accepted, to expand the existing Philippines teacher teachers. Neither Huang Jiajia nor Gong Haiyan has assured the average user that the foreign language service will not be affected and that users can choose to complete a foreign language course on 51Talk or 91Talk.

stopped a day of electricity today, very depressed, with dogs and smoke, to climb the mountain, lying on the rock that moment, I know how much money is difficult to earn. Some people will say, money is very good, you can not earn, do not say that others will not make money! Well, I don’t, and my friends and family are tens of millions. But there’s always a way to make money. And I’m confused now!

with the help of a good network, ladder network, 91 foreign teachers occupy a certain proportion of the youth market

for the first question, 51Talk’s CEO in today’s meeting, the first sentence gave the answer: in the eyes of 51Talk, 91 foreign teachers is a seriously undervalued company. Huang Jiajia introduced 91 foreign teachers now have several product advantages:

2B business is mature, 91 foreign teachers are currently and 58 city, Canon has employee training cooperation,

wish stationmaster hits much, make money much.

looks at thousands of IP, GG hits more than 100, and income is only 0.15$, really wants to cry.. Don’t break it. Come here and talk it over.

breakdown of the above points, we think of 51Talk in Sequoia Capital 55 million U.S. dollars financing, announced its future development. At that time, Huang Allison is the key to mention the funds for upgrading the core curriculum, independent research and development of technology platform and IT system, and strengthen the foreign operations, to expand children’s market, and plans to enter the international market. And the acquisition is also very consistent with the development of 51Talk itself. When asked whether to continue to consider buying other companies, Huang Jiajia’s answer is that they are considering, but will focus on areas related to online education and training.

has a sophisticated technology platform to provide quality user experience in one to one foreign language service

91 foreign teachers in the past two years has been in between the user has a certain brand awareness


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