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Should website operations do professional data analysis

has been busy with her personal affairs recently and has not been online for some time. Today on the line, there are friends sent a message to ask a question: now site data analysis promising? A lot of friends from the SEO switch to site, data analysis. For most webmaster, basically every day will check webmaster tools, Baidu statistics and other data, but only a few people will go to the correct analysis of this piece. Guardian today from the establishment of the site to the late operation, you need to do those data analysis to give you a brief introduction, there is no place, I hope you criticize me.

most webmaster friends just look at webmaster tools, see is snapshot, included and ranking, etc., this is the most basic content. There’s no need to check it every day, but there are too many webmasters wasting their time every day. And for Baidu statistics and other tools, most friends simply do not understand. For this aspect of the guardian, we recommend the following points: jump out of the site, access time, access source, entry page, access page and leave the page, new and old visitors and loyalty. These basic data should be able to meet most of the site analysis needs, you can do a good job in accordance with these data content adjustment, page adjustment, better users of the content presented to you. But most webmaster did not do well, I hope we can pay more attention.

1: preparation of data analysis for website operation.

This is a

webmaster feel exciting industry, more and more people to enter the industry, and finally just sad to leave, the reason is very simple: we just impulse to enter this industry, a lot of time and can not stick to it, even if some sites do not achieve profitability, and ultimately declined slowly. Therefore, it is very important to prepare the data analysis of the website operation. Should I enter this industry, what their strengths, to enter the industry should do what, what their competitors, what is my target groups, how to realize the profit flow into what the user is willing to let us profit? The most basic problem is that we must consider. Do not say so and so Internet Co chiefs, they have what, if it was ten years ago, absolutely do not need to consider so much. Now the industry competition is cruel, personal Adsense millions, fractionize down, an industry does not have ten thousand, also has eight thousand, do not consider these contents, how can you?

two: website operations data analysis of the actual combat.

do website data analysis in order to better the content of the website and the service provided to the user, the user can get more traffic, in order to better achieve profitability, so many webmaster friends also hope that can analyze the data. In some industries, SEO workers are lack of knowledge in this field. Data analysis, diagnostics, network marketing consultant appeared, the industry is well-known, I believe we all know: A5 marketing team. For the basic data analysis in this area, we have just mentioned: website jump out rate, access length, access source, entry page, access page and leave page, >

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