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Ways to quickly improve forum layout popularity

domestic forums no less than 800 thousand, and the development of relatively successful less than 10%, many forums because there is no popularity and dying. Because the forum consists of a number of plates, all as long as the first plate popularity, in fact, get the forum popularity. Today we will talk about how to improve the popularity of the forum sector, so that your forum back to life, quickly flourishing

first of all, we can’t build too many plates in the early stage of the forum construction. Too many plates will only scatter the already inadequate popularity. Suggest less than 10. Once the plates have been set up, each page will have to send at least 1 pages of content for new friends to browse through. Then we start using the following ten tips to promote the popularity of the forum. (Note: content is the key, there are content to retain people, so as far as possible before the propaganda of a number of fine posts)


method, practical index: you can feel it

: organize Party meetings regularly. Play, KTV, birthday, climbing..

this is an important format for the rapid promotion of the page as an activity. Management needs approval and publicity. At the same time a reward stimulation, let the writers have the sense of honor, so to improve the popularity of layout played a very good publicity, but the disadvantage is the need to coordinate well, many pages engage in activities when participants are always with vigour and vitality, but so few, it is difficult to form their own characteristics thus, let netizens stay in their own space, then some activities is to let participants heart meaning lazy.

2, fry method, practical index: you can feel you can feel

: Edison Chan Li Yuchun "event" corn "PK..


this method needs the moderator to have the control ability to the sudden event, and may grasp the moderation in some questions, thus achieves enhances the popularity the goal. As the saying goes, "no", "no", many pages are based on certain disputes and become hot spots in the community. But there are always people love to watch a habit, so some of the layout through the hype layout argument, can improve the popularity, but this speculation is not unprincipled, everyone’s topic cannot be too, but mainly to the version of the possible negative effects make full mental preparation, can not participate in the attack the abuse of the discussion, to strictly control some remarks, in order to establish the image layout discussion. Otherwise, even if people recognize your version, but because it is full of abuse and attack, so it is to hide, so as not to achieve the corresponding purpose.

3, propaganda method, practical index: you can feel it


BBS forum gives you many opportunities for publicity, such as links to your home page, your promotional language, announcements, etc..

publicity tools play a wide and telling role, which is very useful for beginners, and the first impression is very critical. So draw up good advertising expressions and be close to the novice

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