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Make a detailed analysis of the various details of the site

1, search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is translated into Chinese is "search engine optimization", the specific implementation of the optimization is mainly through the understanding of all kinds of search engines to crawl the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking technology, to the optimization of the relevant web pages, to improve search engine rankings, so improve site traffic, improve website propaganda ability.

two specific recommendations:

1, the Title Design of all pages of the site, try to avoid all the same.

2, the website uses as little as possible JS (script), think this is not conducive to search engines crawl.

two, improve website traffic

The key to improve the

website traffic is traffic viscosity, if the new network traffic we can get 10000IP every day, if our website viscosity can reach 10% words, that is to say the new traffic will have 1000IP every day love on our website, often come to our website. Our traffic will be very large in a year.

simple calculation: 365 (day) *1000 (IP traffic) =36.5 million ip.

‘s advice on sticking to traffic on websites:

1, to strengthen our website characteristic column promotion, that is to say, to reflect the characteristics of our website.

2, in the design should be as user-friendly as possible, from the user’s point of view to go out, consider how to design can be more user-friendly.

3, improve the site open speed and running speed, if the site open speed is very slow, every user to open a page will be waiting, waiting for the feeling is very uncomfortable, will let users have confused in mind feeling, customers have the feeling is certainly not how to love your website, not to mention. Every day. If your web site opens faster than similar websites, users will feel your site is very cool, so that users feel comfortable, and users will naturally like your site.

4, for the domain name, our domain name is not easy to remember by the user, it will greatly affect the viscosity of the site.

three, blog profit,

Blog is just a simple feature, and most blogs have web sites, and you can’t make money on it. Therefore, to make money, you need to develop new functions on this basis, and to ensure that this feature can benefit users, and has unique features.

three, member

1, in the website set up opinions and suggestions area, and quickly respond to members’ opinions, suggestions. For example, ask for suggestions on how to improve your website and present small gifts to members who offer effective suggestions.

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