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Some ideas about the new features of HTML5 how to guide future web construction

HTML5 is an upgraded version of HTML4, compared to the latter, HTML5 increased Web "performance, but also increase the local data forms, and other new features, for the construction of our website is a new experience, but also an opportunity, because HTML5 many functions of innovation and reform is a very good the guidelines for our future website construction.

HTML5 a new < canvas> tag

Flash you know, this is a very troublesome thing for everyone, some owners to make the picture more gorgeous feeling, so in the home loaded with a variety of Flash video, as a result, "although the effect has been improved, but the site access speed will go down. Because when visitors open a website, the bloated Flash video will be loaded only after loading can appear, if your host is shared, then your site loading speed will be very miserable.


HTML5 is not the same, it creates a new < canvas> marker, it can not only provide Flash related functions, but also can make the web video loading speed dropped sharply, which makes the site do not have to access speed and reduce the application of video.

two; HTML5; new < header> and < footer> tag

site structure is the foundation of the spider crawling website, only have to clear the level to further improve the effect of the rate of crawl and spider crawling, but before an HTML4 CSS+DIV program, although let directory navigation section of the site set clear, but it is not to provide a spider to reach the site every corner of the fastest way. While HTML5 changed these, design better it caters to the anatomical structure of the site, the spider on the page as if at the center of the circle, every corner is the same distance, which increased the spiders’ Access Depth ", is conducive to improve the overall weight of the website.

three has audio and Video Embedding capabilities,

HTML5 is widely praised, the key lies in its breakthrough in user experience, compared to the HTML4, the new HTML5 < audio> and < video> tag, it will be the perfect audio and video into the web page, without affecting the website loading speed, compared to what I said before < canvas> < audio> marker and < marker; video> more humane, allows users to experience the new page of feeling.

, but < audio> and &l>

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