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The site was blocked by search engines


has failed in the college entrance examination, contact network maintenance and promotion also have half a year. During the first half of the year, has experienced many aspects of website promotion and site optimization knowledge. Have a certain understanding. When the PR value of the site and improve the flow level when the heart is very happy, after all, since the labor production has yet? In the site now also encountered many problems of

some time ago to see the web traffic, a sudden fall in half, I wonder. Well, how the flow was reduced so much! Looking for a few days or did not find the reason, also ask some network maintenance master. There is no breakthrough in what


accidentally landing traffic statistics query page to see the site visit, found only in search traffic from Baidu. A Google is not included. That is low, can be found on the Google query included no change, but the site was black, with illegal links in some source code. On a server, actually each static pages were added to the code. Then the database and source code are nearly a month with no backup, backup coverage would have great influence. Dozens of W static pages, to a change to be changed to what when there is no way to change.


search on the Internet, find a good tool. You can batch file to remove the illegal links. With the time of day finally give solution to this damn poison, re apply for search engine. Through the audit, not before that! Solve the problem, but also to learn the.


through this thing I also realized that a file backup server is also very important. To timely backup so as not to encounter the same situation in trouble! After the station road is still very long, hope to get more help and advice. Welcome to my master station (http://s. www.auto1788.com) look at the way to the point of.

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