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WordPress novice do stand you have to understand a few questions

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WordPress novice, do stand, you have to understand a few questions!

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SEOer into the SEO industry, all love to get a personal blog, the comparison of the fire program is what 112 blog blog a few days ago, Soybean Milk machine uses WordPress to make a stand, because it is the first contact with this blog program, many of the problems encountered in the process of installation and use also in this share and share, to avoid similar problems in the process of doing stand


domain name:

for the record, so Soybean Milk machine blog on the temporary use of a record has two domain name to install the program, debugging procedures, very happy, a few days completely ready, you can get the domain name record down the line, when the new domain name down only to find trouble, this program has the problem is not other than his path, because the program is not very understand, do not understand the database, the Internet to find a lot of methods do not change the domain name, and later had their re installed with the new domain name. So, for the children who are the same as me, don’t use other domain names to debug.

space selection:

recommends using Linux space in the space of choice, avoid the use of the win host, otherwise there will be a lot of inconvenience in use, the most obvious is URL, but now many domestic WIN host can also be used to rewrite rules, which is gratifying. Here also remind, in the choice of host, please consult whether support this procedure, the novice must ask the host function,

permissions settings:

if this is the WIN host, this step can be ignored. Linux host security is relatively high, relative to the win host, in use, you need to set permissions correctly. Commonly used file directory permissions have 777755644 of these three, set permissions in FTP settings, you can click the right button – attributes. If it is a folder, remember to set it to apply to all child files.

file creation:

sometimes some files cannot be created automatically and need to be manually. My soya bean milk machine blog has been installed three times during the installation, one can not be created properly, and the other two times are normal. Generally speaking, these two file problems, wp-config.php.Htaccess, may be due to permissions issues, or may be space provider settings. Many friends don’t create it immediately and ask questions everywhere. Take p-config.php for example. If you can’t create it automatically, it will prompt you to create it manually. Upload it after you create it locally.


fixed link (URL):

this function or to Linux host to perfect support, with wi>

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