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Pay attention to optimize the page inside the website in order to have a qualitative breakthrough


Although the homepage of

website is the core of a site, it can not ignore the inside page. Whether a website is popular with the user, the individual feels more important is inside the page. Because users search for the information they need to understand the key words, but also want to see directly the details of this keyword, and not the site of the home page is about to introduce.

so, personally feel that the importance of web pages optimization, more qualitative breakthrough. We go back to the past to see, many sites only focus on the optimization of a web page, then gradually appeared many websites for website page optimization excessive and the right to be reduced, so webmasters have more time and energy to save website. The following figure is that I only focus on the home page optimization before, and lead to follow-up website was down right:


since my website was down right, I began to analyze the successful websites and analyze how they did it. The result of the analysis is that the more successful websites basically focus on the inner pages, which is more important than the home page. Because their traffic is basically concentrated in every page, the home page traffic has basically reached the bottleneck. Can they flow in the day, finally I know that the original page every day they are paying more attention to the construction of. Because the flow of the breakthrough, relying on the optimization of the internal page is a good wonderful tool. Next, I will show you the promotion strategy of Lu Songsong blog:


through the map, you can directly see the Lu Songsong blog’s internal page optimization, promotion is also very hard work. Therefore, the website page optimization can not be underestimated, because once launched role, may make you more dumbfounded.

many people may think, I have to fight home but people still use the inside pages, I’m not asking for a dead end? In fact, this "with a chopstick twist off, if one?" compared to almost. Maybe you simply want to use the internal page to fight for those home page seems impossible. But what if you look at the inside page as a front page? Then the result is not a fight. The point is how you use the power between the inner and the inner pages. As long as you are able to grasp the role of each page, then every page of you will be a qualitative upgrade. So, how can you make every page a quality enhancement,


first, filter out the word

which is suitable for promotion at present

, first of all, we have to find some words that are relatively user searched through some surveys and empathy. Like the general keywords in the industry, I think you still withdraw the idea. Although these words of flow is quite high, but with your current strength is not suitable for these words, but we can have an appropriate expansion of some of these words long tail words, some users really need help search words.


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