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Webmaster story do stand the trick is fast accurate ruthless

PR7, day PV30 million, and is vertical industry traffic, such a station is how to make


, SEO, yes, SEO. But, if it’s only SEO, can you do that,


a friend, one day someone was drunk, tell the truth. For rivers and lakes morality, hidden its Web site, station name.

1, content should be fast, fast word, consistent with the true meaning of SEO, in line with customer needs. Can you decide whether you can walk in front or not?. I do vertical trade station, any change in the industry, there must be a substantial response within 24 hours.

2, the content must be accurate!, this time will accumulate reputation, the user will be satisfied, customers can stand in the town!, is not a short duration of time, I have a lot of friends in the circle, more important is that I have a lot of loyal users, they will tell me the most accurate answer, tell me a mistake! Take this to the user with a thankful heart.

3, a ruthless! Quickly and accurately, but also see you enough! No money can not insist that there is no faster than competitors more accurate determination! As long as Kung Fu deep tiechumochengzhen, enough metamorphosis, enough to go? Is not determined to dominate the world and much like the fight, do not stop!

the shortest way is the shortest way in the world, but everyone is looking for a shortcut. Who knows, the shortest way is the most bitter, the most tired, the lowest level. However, to know the truth is useless, because the station still needs a talent drop. "No," the boy spat out a mantra: "


station is to the bottom line, what line activities like to earn a little money that killed also don’t do


alleged that someone had bought 2 million dollars for his station. He didn’t sell it. I don’t know the truth. But, I know, if you buy a station, if you don’t buy someone else, it’s still a pile of garbage.

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