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58 the acquisition of Chinese talent talent why degenerate 58 why Recruitment hunger and thirst


today (May 8th), "this is a magical day."". 58 city officially announced the acquisition of Chinese talent nets, but the transaction did not disclose the amount of the transaction. Upon completion of the merger, China will continue to operate independently, maintaining brand and team independence.

it is understood that the project will be carried out in two phases: the China Resources Corporation, the parent company and the Irish Dragon Group, which will withdraw from its business in China and will be fully responsible for the follow-up related to the staff. 58 city in the transaction, in addition to the completion of China Talent Network brand and other assets acquisition, and will employ most of the team staff.

public information display, chinahr.com was founded in 1997, the United States in 2005 to the recruitment website giant Monster inject $50 million, accounting for 40% of the shares; at the beginning of 2006, Monster and the price of $19 million 900 thousand acquisition of its 5% stake, and signed three years listed on the gambling agreement; in 2008, due to the failure of gambling, Monster to invest $174 million to the remaining 55% of the shares into the bag, so far, chinahr.com became a wholly owned subsidiary of Monster.

but in 2012, there was news that Monster was selling its niche to avoid the financial burden of talent networks because of its performance losses. According to Monster’s three quarter earnings report, China’s non cash assets impairment expenses and deferred tax asset writedowns of China’s business based net worth amounted to $225 million, exceeding the total revenues of the three quarter.

therefore, in February 2013, the Irish Dragon Group announced that it would sign a purchase agreement with Monster company to incorporate the latter’s business in China, that is, ChinaHR.com. Monster retained a 10% stake in the merged company.

but since then, news of the sale has not been suspended. Even in January of this year, another source said that China had been bought by an unknown recruitment website at a price of $30 million.

Chengai settles, was acquired, we have to admit the network of excellence at the end of the fall.

Why did

become degenerate,


once in a network of excellence for four years, has experienced rapid development of the network of excellence in the former employees know Anonymous (tiger sniffing performed excerpts):

1) the recruitment of ad networks is faster than the website’s growth rate,

in the 06 year -08 period of time, in the recruitment industry, no one can deny talent network sales ability. When the qianchengwuyou sales are visiting customers, one still Zhaopin 40 calls per day to the network of excellence has been done for each sales every day more than 80 telephone contact with the enterprise. A lot of customers when I was selling

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