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Grassroots webmaster improve website PV hard process

himself has been in touch with the Internet since 2005. Marx used the program to do the movie station, about half a month later. I was afraid of giving up copyright infringement, and at this point I understood GOOGLEAD. And registered the account. Then I studied SEO.

because there is no reason to learn website until April 2008, see the relevant domain name trading success I search for "blood Zhi auxiliary" found that www.rxuezhifu.cn and www.rexuezhifu.cn has not been registered in the domain name city, and CN made a website and have good ranking. So I took the only 100 yuan I bought on the Internet for 60 of the domain name, and began to learn PHP, of course, the choice is dedecms. And bought space in Taobao spent 25 yuan, there are 30 yuan database. Begin my warm blood assistant official station trip.

, I was officially founded in 2006, 5.1, the original IP only 30-40, (because CN made web site for it), development to IP5000, PV60000, I want to sum up the reasons are as follows:

1: first of all, I insist on originality, not blindly collection, are manual input. Mainly modify the title of the article, the content of the article changed slightly,


2: do links, of course, to do relevant web links.

3: increase the chain, Baidu will give you high weight! Do the chain method, can go to BBS post, links, write soft Wen and so on!


4: tell me how to make PV is 10 times more than your IP page, try to do some of their own profile, link loop website in the column page and the article page, such as campus network code station home page on the right to do, the latest, hot and recommended Xiaonei code related to the Title of the article, the article page related articles click on top, and other links, so you can keep your users, effectively increase PV

5: insists on updating. Remember, it’s better to update one every day than to update it 10 days to increase the frequency of updates.

6: do a good job station, improve user experience, consider the significance of users to your web site. Make users like the station, do evergreen,


this article to all webmaster, above is only some personal ideas, please correct me, discuss.

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