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Discussion on the operation of local real estate website

local real estate network and national real estate websites should be different and relatively large in the operation idea and profit model, I made a sunshine real estate network recently) on the status and business ideas with colleagues to explore.

as a local real estate network in order to achieve accurate positioning in place, it can be conducive to the development of the website, my sunshine real estate network, in the real estate website to find the program when a location, status and local second-hand housing transactions, both individuals and intermediary second-hand housing information can be released through the website the number of local new projects should also be involved, of course, related information should also be involved in some of these, there is no need to read too much, as many national website, let everybody to care when everyone is closely related to the relevant real estate information should be updated.

have real estate, then with the decoration can not be separated, there will be decoration materials, decoration, building materials should also be dabbled in, can better serve customers, there is also a new profit point.

is located in the second-hand housing transactions of the local real estate website, so in the propaganda is a good target, you can print some relevant publicity materials, the second-hand housing intermediary to go to publicity, let them published listings in the website, for them to do some advertising, tell them to do a day of advertising in the newspaper, available on the website for a year, a year to sell a house to earn fees, and more than a year to sell a set, by all means to persuade intermediary.

decoration companies and building materials companies can also run a run, these are relatively good running, and in addition to the site’s SEO update in a timely manner, as long as the weight of Baidu good to flow, then the profits are ripe.

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