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From the mobile phone users online habits WAP site navigation construction

, according to the CNNIC twenty-fourth statistics report, as of June 2009, the use of mobile Internet users reached 155 million people, an increase of 32.1% in six months. The joint efforts of the government and operators to promote 3G licenses, strengthen the concept of mobile Internet, mobile and China Unicom simultaneously lowered mobile Internet tariffs, respectively, launched G3 and 3G brand, to promote market development. The Internet is rich in content and applications. The quantity and quality of mobile phone Internet content gradually, mobile phone, mobile phone video blog, mobile phone and TV are developing rapidly, to provide users with more choices, to promote the expansion of mobile phone users, mobile phone Internet industry is showing rapid growth momentum.

survey shows that the main force of the Internet for the characteristics of the age of 10~30 years old, junior high school education and high school income of less than 500 yuan / month students crowd. In the CNNIC twenty-third statistical report pointed out that the mobile phone for their mobile Internet provides the most convenient means, on the one hand, students in the application of the most customer brand "M-Zone" and "UP new forces", in the package directly into the tariff; on the other hand, the application of attention to students, such as instant messaging, download, mobile phone novels, can be easily implemented in mobile phone internet. These have played a very positive role in promoting students to use the mobile phone to surf the internet."

also pointed out that "we need to pay attention to the fact that physical workers use a high percentage of mobile Internet access, which is closely related to the popularity of mobile phones.". On the other hand, computer prices higher, and the manual workers are not necessities, and the occasional Internet need by mobile phone to meet parts need cannot use mobile phone replacement in Internet cafes to achieve. Third, the Internet needs of the crowd is simple, chat, chess game is the main application, and these applications can be achieved on the phone."

for the future may use the 3G mobile phone users, 65.7% mobile phone chat will most likely to use the mobile phone as the future of the Internet application, the data is less than the average number of existing mobile phone users use mobile phone chat 71.5%, and listen to online, download music and application in the future will higher than the current actual utilization rate.

site navigation as a collection of many web site, a site is classified according to certain conditions, to facilitate users to quickly find the site, without having to remember all the URL of the website, you can directly enter into the desired site, is quite practical for the user is not familiar with the WAP website.


columns of site navigation from the user habits of the Internet, we can read books from the Internet to mobile phone chat, novels, music, video, search, games, pictures, download mobile phone theme as the main purpose. Restricted by the mobile phone screen, we need to display the content that attracts customers in the smallest possible space, so we need to consider the content provided on the front page to let the customer find what he needs. The following to Zhejiang city network mobile phone site navigation analysis, WAP web site for w.zj>

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