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Free classified information website operation experience

recently in the reorganization of the company SEO promotion personnel extrapolation assessment, the use of procedures automatically analyze whether the chain was deleted, and found that the previous promotion personnel posted information on the platform network is basically all invalid. Click to enter, only to find that the platform network already does not exist. In fact, a long time ago, the platform network has been closed, but only did not care.

said the classification information website platform, webmaster, perhaps is a profit, without considering the content without considering the included, built the platform waiting for visitors queuing to publish content advertising. But the fact is not the case, the individual operators of classified information platform, business network free information release platform, it has been operating for three years, summed up this three years of experience in the operation of classified information platform here, but also to share with everyone.

server traffic

classified information platform website server traffic is amazing. On the one hand, the amount of traffic from search engines and other sites, and the other is from search engines, Google, Baidu, soso and other search engine traffic. The author’s own web site, the business mainland network, has daily traffic of about 30GB. Speaking of here, if you want to establish a free classified information platform, the first point, unlimited traffic is preferred.

bulk software processing:

bulk software is to rely on these free classified information sites to eat, and those primary even IP can not change the mass software, we do not have to consider. But a decent mass of software, we have to set the threshold. Prevent mass software, the first point is verification code, this can prevent off 70% mass. The second approach is to limit the number of registered members or logged in users to publish, which can intercept 20% of the rest. It’s easy to do both. Then, the remaining 10% of the group will have to be consistent by limiting the publisher’s IP ownership and the region provinces where the information is to be published. Of course, the author said that the operation of the business mainland network information platform, although limited function, but it is support, without registration can publish their own advertising information.

sensitive information analysis and automatic masking

this is more important, in fact, can also be very important, and even determine the life and death of your web site. Visitors are not fixed, and if your classified information platform is available, you can publish ads anonymously and without registration without verification. Then, automatic filtering of sensitive information is the most basic. To do this, we must first collect what key words must be shielded, those are to be banned directly, that is, immediately stopped, which is contained, and then need to wait for administrator review before release.

shielding low quality content:

classification information website mostly rely on search engines to flow, weight PR are very important, and repeat text and repeat paragraph will only let search engine reduce our website weight, drop >

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