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Peng Yucheng how to use soft text to promote products

last week by a push forum "master Song Jianming: first visits the soft and site optimization that something" opportunity, Peng Yucheng on how to use soft Wen promotion products and this guest Song Jianming was discussed, finally the author summed up some of the soft Wen promotion methods of operation, of course, these methods not all of the products, promotion is effective, but at least for most of the products are effective. Here are some of our dialogue and my personal how to use soft Wen promotion of some personal summary, I hope to have read this article friends have some help. (Peng Yucheng referred to as Peng, Song Jianming referred to as "song"),

Peng: product soft Wen is descriptive, the article is good or evaluation of the article is good, which kind of soft Wen more easily let the user favor?

song: direction and style of each person is different, so the effect is different, this seemingly words, you have a good understanding, personal opinion: if your product is suitable for speculation, then use the property evaluation, not too aggressive, controversial best, you look at Song Zude’s article, which is not a dispute strong, Chinese love gossip, controversial things most favored, sometimes accidentally can also fry their famous (of course, many people do not like the famous


Peng: product soft Wen writing, soft Wen in the end should not leave the URL, leaving the web site was said advertising paste how to do?


song: 90% articles. Don’t leave, three types of soft in. Try not to leave, there is a more special, such as tourism should be the ten sites know, of which there are three to four. Is your link, or network management should have the basic skills, summarized the article a few of their links, of course this is not only regarded as a kind of soft soft marketing, and this kind of practical article reprint rate is particularly high.

Peng: marketing is often linked with the forum, the forum has the post also want to understand our own things in the forum more potential users. For example, a physical product soft, if not add the URL will be deleted, will reduce the chance, but it also lost the potential users more in-depth understanding of our opportunity, he could not directly through the web site to download the purchase of our products. How does Song Jianming look at this,


song: Yes, there are many factors in it. I simply say two:

: how are the first degree of convergence and soft all publicity, if the article and product guide degree of convergence is not very high, the user can not effectively guide the link will only let the user objectionable, if the entire article to the user to inject ideas, let users eager to find the service, or the product, then you add the link to the user, as it should be, the link to be there, if there are no links, equal to smoke to fire, some people even scold you.

second: the site itself is optimized for links to the past, if the previous >

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