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Website operation through the success of Afanda

all box office have become cannon fodder in the "Afanda" before, including James Cameron’s "Titanic". Why in just a few weeks, "Afanda" will break the "Titanic" to keep 12 year old box office record success? Perhaps we watched from the movie "Afanda", that is the planet Pandora long tails Na’vi, up to hundreds of meters, towering trees dense forests, colorful and full of all kinds of weird animal romantic love story, pure mysterious tribes can freely communicate the spirit of all singular language…… Successfully created the world’s most popular movie.

, but as a webmaster who runs a website, I feel that innovation should be the root cause of the movie’s popularity.

first, with a unique perspective to communicate between the film and the audience, the film, are all human beings when the protagonist dominates the development of the industry, "Afanda" from the other side of looking into "beauty" of the new viewpoint, the Na’vi can through their own hair with any kind of biological heart communication, whether it is ferocious animal, or clever soul tree, so as to achieve the goal of "hard communication" to each other. This kind of "conscious communication" resonates with the lack of communication in the mind of the customer. And, in the whole of the "Afanda" movie, have emphasized the Na’vi this new viewpoint, in order to protect the planet Pandora, in order to protect nature, in order to protect the "human", the Na’vi efforts, not only a part of human support, but also won the "justice" of the battlefield.

based on this point, look at the current China for successful web site has its own unique features such as a marketing and entertainment Tencent, Sina News, Baidu search, but want to highlight their different from others, and better serve customers, achieve good communication, this is a a successful web site. Therefore, as a webmaster should always consider the characteristics of their website in what place?. Avoid large and complete, do a good job of user experience, do fine, through is success.

second, patience, patience is different from ordinary people in this movie the key to success, in order to have better technology to support the film more perfect, Cameron spent 12 years preparing for 12 years, maybe he can shoot a lot of popular works, but never done such great works, there are is such a word to say: a writer who spent three months writing popular only three months, and three years to complete the work can be circulated for three years, enough to see the great is boiled. Cameron’s work is not too much, but a "Afanda" is enough to let him in history, perhaps many years later, people will remember those directors who shot hundreds of films in the life, but because his works people remember him. This is the station for the current station is a deep understanding, a year, two years of silent inaction in the normal, but look at those who have now done more successful web site, ah!

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