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The PR value and weight of double high BBS web site Daquan

core tip: PR value and weight higher BBS, friends can use signature to their website, increase the chain,

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http://s.bbs.yesky.com/bbs.php PR 6


http://s.bbs.xunlei.com/ thunder forum PR 5

http://s.bbs.51.la, I’d like to count PR 5

, http://s.club.alimama.com, Ali, mum forum, PR, 7

, http://s.bbs.zzchn.com, webmaster, communicate, PR, 4

http://s.bbs.021zhan.com Shanghai webmaster forum PR 4

http://s.pr888.com PR webmaster forum PR 4

http://s.6wn.cn web information PR 3

http://s.nb5.cn cattle webmaster forum PR 4

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http://s.qianbbs.com money altar PR 4

http://s.joy666.com Chinese computer forum PR 5

http://s.bbs.55.la, I’m going to PR 3

http://s.bbs.dvbbs.net/ mobile network official forum PR 6

http://s.bbs.maxthon.cn PR 5

Maxthon Forum

http://s.bbs.matchtt.com match heaven PR 3

http://s.bbs.itren.cn IT forum PR 4


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