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Taiwan youth Xiamen entrepreneurial story collection

Xiamen as a Taiwanese Investment Zone, attracting a lot of young entrepreneurs in Taiwan, where young entrepreneurs in Taiwan a story, let us look at their entrepreneurial story!

, as the establishment of the first Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone, once together influx of Taiwanese entrepreneurial hot spot. In June 2015, the Fujian Free Trade Zone in Xiamen District, Haicang Park listing of cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base ", because of preferential policies to support Haicang once again become the Taiwan youth entrepreneurship incubator, attracted many young people in Taiwan with their own dreams, come across the Strait" nest "business…….

  husband and wife designer   to Xiamen venture venture


2003 with grandpa to go to Heilongjiang to visit relatives, then, Cang Pei just graduated from University, my grandfather took her to Heilongjiang, also took her to Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia and other places, which makes her eye-opening, "originally, the world is so great!"

2013 years, Cang Pei fell in love with former colleagues, the two have worked in a design company. After marriage, Pei Pei and her husband went to honeymoon in Yunnan, Xishuangbanna. Cang Pei said, during which she again went to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, found the mainland development change rapidly, especially the Internet application technology is advanced in Taiwan, which also makes her initiation, the idea of the work, and she and her husband to "a" base Haicang business described as "a adventure".

2015 in April, cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base to Taipei investment seminars, entrepreneurial opportunities of philosophy, and her husband was Pei Cang base to build a body for Taiwan youth entrepreneurship rate, and provide for Taiwan youth entrepreneurial policy support to attract. "This is indeed a big business opportunities, indicating the end of the second day, I went to Xiamen with her husband, and found that the base is too suitable for us entrepreneurs." Cang Pei said, in June of that year they are   "a" base established "jeenxi Wenchuang technology company, a designer of Internet communication platform.

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