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Some research on blog Tags

recently on Digg, digg want to see what is good for SEO, the label is really useful for the blog? Do not know do not have a charm? Here to talk about my achievements, to share with you.

blog classification label is a flexible way, every blog post can add one or more tags, the tag can contain the same label in the blog blog together, I think we can understand the personal blog inside Links, even better.

now most blog sites have tag search pages, some blogs in my article classify most below have a [label] bar, shown here is the latest blog label, it is said that the current search engines are more likely to add a label to the article search.

how to add good tags, I learned the following to share with you:


", the tag is "column name + descriptive noun"

article: look at the Alexa Rankings,

Tags: Alexa Internet

adds this to ensure that the relevant column editor identifies your article and accurately defines your article.

two, the tag is "descriptive noun" is better, remember, must be "noun"

article: from one night to many nights,

Tags: share a feeling of life together, perfect life in the communication of mind

The problem with the

tag is that there is no accurate description of the article, and if the tag is "one night stand", it will inevitably be shared by users who are concerned about it.

three, a single label text should not be too much, generally not more than 10 words, such as the previous example of labels far more than ten words, can not play the role of description of the article, but also not conducive to the article was searched.

four, to facilitate the administrator to label classification related columns, similar to the "discussion", "society", "life" label, because too much generalization, no definite point, is not reasonable, easy to leak to choose your article.

five, can not abuse tags, this is very simple, that is, although not some of the hot, but the content of the article does not have to be used as a label, it does not have any role.

in fact, there are a lot to learn, but from the above five points, I have felt that their blog label is not reasonable, need to improve, or to do a big "exchange"". Let’s do it together,

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